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Unapologetic Baby Boomer, 23+ Year Veteran Marketer, Coffee Appreciator, Moose Wrangler and more!


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Did I mention I’ve been the Virtual Coach since 1997? Yep, I walk the walk I talk.


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On my good days, I do my very best to respond to all emails!


Who is Barbara Ling?

23+ Year Veteran Marketer, Parent, Spouse, Moose-Wrangler, Caffeine Appreciator and more!

Testimonials for Barbara

Barb Ling is one of the most positive, caring and educational marketers in our industry.  She constantly breaks barriers and showcases how action always trumps thought… her simple cheat sheets are just example of making things so simple, anyone can begin to profit online.

Marlon Sanders
Founder - Higher Response

“If you’re looking to get mass exposure to the mainstream media and instant creditability, Barb Ling is the person you need to talk to… period. No one knows how to build your “authority” faster than Barb.

We’ve worked with Barb on multiple occasions and what she does is unique and a huge boost to any business looking to increase their customer base.”

Ben Adkins
Founder / Fearless University

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