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eCom/YouTube Connection Marketing

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The Income-Potential of the eCommerce/YouTube Profit Connection is *Insane*.

YouTube is the 2nd largest Search Engine online... a few months ago, YouTube become MORE popular than on desktop computers!

Over a billion users are on YouTube.... just think the profits waiting for you when you tap into them for your own eCommerce offerings!

(... and if you're new to eCommerce, that refers to commercial transactions conducted electronically on the Internet! In other words, physical products sold like those from Amazon or Amazon FBA, your own products via sites like Shopify, GearBubble, Teespring, and the like!)

But there's a trick you need to know if you want to max out your eCom/YouTube bottom line....

It involves tying together what you already have access to!

We're talking your own YouTube account.... (it's free of course)

And if you want to tap into Google's advertising (they own YouTube you know) your own Adwords account....

... and perhaps taking advantage of YouTube's done-for-you retargeting abilities...

It's all very straightforward once you know the exact steps in the right order.

Because once you know this exact process, you are ahead of 98% of other marketers who want to cash in online!

So why am I OFFERING you this....

For LESS than the price of a Starbucks Coffee...

This easy-to-use...

eCom/YouTube Connection Authority Cheatsheet!


I'll tell you why.... YouTube can *easily* help you sell 'way more of your eCom goodies online... and that helps you make a whole lot more of money!

Thing is... combining eCom and YouTube requires certain steps in order.... and unless you have those steps spelled out in front of you...

You end up WASTING your valuable time searching out WHERE to learn FAST.

And I've made it so simple for you to use!

This 1 page power eCom/YouTube Connection Marketing Cheatsheet gently takes you by the hand and shows you:

How to sign up for YouTube

Where to create your custom eCom channel on YouTube

How to customize your eCom channel on YouTube

How to create your Adwords account if you want to take advantage of YouTube Remarketing

Advanced: How to link your YouTube and Adwords accounts together (it's buried in YouTube but I found it!)

Where to grab your Complete Guide to Building a Successful YouTube Channel

Where to grab your Complete Guide to Remarketing Campaigns

Then you'll learn *how* to use YouTube to sell eCom....

You'll learn where to uncover:

How a YouTube Vid Helps You Sell eCom

7 Ways To Leverage YouTube Marketing for eCom

Collection of eCom Video Tutorials

Tips and Tricks to Optimize Your YouTube Channel

The Ultimate Guide to eCom Video Marketing

YouTube Marketing for eCom

YouTube Marketing Simplified for Products


Finally, I provide you with links to 9 powerful eCom/Youtube profit roadmaps, including:

10 Tools To Make Your Marketing Videos WOW!

How To Create a YouTube TrueView Video Campaign

Advertise For Free on YouTube and Leverage Your Video SEO!

Insights Secrets For Superior Explainer Videos

Sell Your Brand With eCom Product Videos


And I even show you, at the end, your next steps...

Where to go on Fiverr to outsource it all, if you don't want to do it yourself.

Combining YouTube and eCom enables you to increase your profits online... (again and again!)

But if YOU want to cash in on eCom/YouTube Connection Marketing... you need to start preparing TODAY.

Like I said, Time is Money and I'll bet you want to save your time by NOT reading dozens of pages... so I've distilled everything down to the one, simple page.

Remember... this 1 Page "eCom/YouTube Profit Connection Cheatsheet" is starting out LESS than the cost of a movie night out and is waiting for YOU (but is dimesale and increasing with every sale!).

Can't get better than that!


Grow strong,


BarbLing, part of the Virtual Coaches

ps - you could spend days trying to find this necessary information yourself... or just enjoy the instant download of a single, one page power cheat sheet. Make sure your 2016 and beyond profits shine!