🌎 EF Academy Reviews in Thornwood: Covid19 Actions

🌎 EF Academy in Thornwood: Covid19 Actions

Here’s the safeguards they have in place:


Will the campuses open in September?
EF Academy in Thornwood’s plans is to have all of our campuses open in time for the start of the new school year in September and are working closely with local authorities to make sure that we can achieve this. We are implementing additional safety measures – detailed in this FAQ – to support student health and safety in all aspects of school and residential life.

Will there be online class options?
Students who are unable to travel to campus in September will be able to start the year with EF Academy online. For the fall term, teachers will create online versions of the lesson plans they use in class so students can progress with their studies at the same pace as if they were on campus.

EF Academy students will have access to the same assignments and learning material as they would on campus, and teachers will set aside time each week to schedule calls with any students who need individual support.

What if I can’t travel to campus in September? Can I arrive late?
During the EF Academy fall term, we will have regular intake dates for students who join us after September. Each intake will go through an orientation program similar to the one we have at the beginning of the year so that no student misses out. Students who cannot be on campus in September will start their program via online learning and progress in this way until they can travel to join us at school.

What if I can’t get a visa in time?
If your visa is delayed, you can begin your year through online learning and we will welcome you to campus as soon as your visa arrives. We strongly recommend that you prepare the documentation needed for your visa application as early as possible to ensure you receive your visa on time. For more information on what you can prepare now, please contact your local Admissions Office.


What are the processes and measures you will implement for arrival to campus to ensure health and safety of our students when they are flying in from all over the world?
All students will be required to present a clean Certification of Health, declaring a negative COVID-19 test result, before leaving their home country.

Students will be required to wear a mask when out of their dorm room and in communal areas, enhanced cleaning regimes will be implemented across the school and temperature monitoring will be introduced into daily routines. Students will receive detailed instructions on our protocols – detailed below – as soon as they arrive at school.

UK Protocol
US Protocol

What will be the daily health check procedure for students?
Our staff on campus will be caring closely for students, so that any possible illness is swiftly detected and acted upon. Our Health Center is well stocked with personal protective equipment. Hand sanitizer will be available in throughout campus and students will be required to disinfect before entering.

What is the protocol if a student displays COVID-19 symptoms?
Our EF Academy staff will be on the alert for symptoms that resemble those of COVID-19, so any illness can be swiftly detected and acted upon. Students showing symptoms will be moved into isolation immediately.

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