🌠 Boldly Demolishing Blogger’s Block

It never fails, you know.

You wake up one morning, bound set and determined to create the most glorious of soul-searingly beautiful posts on your blog (or perhaps in your product)…

… fling yourself out of bed, stride confidently to your computer, pull up your New Post blank slate and…..

… and ….

… and (cue the cricket chirps that sound oddly like a bazillion mini-Godzillas who are lacking their daily dietary fill of smooshed cities)…

and, well, your mind suddenly is terrifyingly….


Blanker than blank!

Why, if there was a 4-H competition for the blankest of slates written in the stars of destiny, alas, you would NOT win (stars? I mean really, stars?) BUT…

The fact still remains.

Your mind is blank.

What can you write about?

Oh, sure, you could write about how many suburbs Godzilla should consume to maintain a healthy diet, but chances are, your blog (or product) is NOT about the Care and Feeding of Random Kaiju NOT named Kevin!

No indeed.

Instead, you discover that you are faced with the dreaded (insert ominous music tone here) Writers Block.

Luckily for you, you live in the Age of the Internet, which you can tarzan-swing your way to Google and find goodies like:


This rather interesting post contains gems like:

Do a mind map. Get off the computer and make a visual drawing of your topic’s ideas and how they relate to each other. Soon, you’ll not just have ideas for your current post, but ideas on how that one might lead to related, future posts.

Turn off the Internet. Do you find yourself playing Bejeweled or checking Twitter when it’s writing time? Write on a pad of paper instead, or use programs such as Anti-Social or Freedom to disable social media or Internet access until you’re done writing. (yes yes yes!)

Try a writing prompt. If you can’t get the juices flowing, do a writing exercise — writing prompts are available on sites such as Creative Copy Challenge.

and other ideas as well.

Fact is, writer’s block can hit just about anyone and cause you to run scampering back to hiding under your comforter, hoping that tomorrow would dawn along with 928 fresh exciting ideas.

Fact is part 2 – that never happens, alas. Oh sure the hiding part is very enjoyable (especially if you either a.) can hide with someone or b.) bring your laptop under your comforter except that gets real old real fast.

But I digress.

Make no mistake about it – you CAN break writers block! Heck, you could even create a 1 page cheatsheet about the topic too like so:

Step 1.) Pull yourself away from the computer

Step 2.) Read your fav stories and allow your subconscious mind to work uninterrupted and see what might materialize

Step 3.) Check out other resources for Hulkizing your Writers Block

Resources for the above include:



https://interestingliterature.com/2017/07/05/the-best-david-gemmell-novels-everyone-should-read/ (And the order is wrong. By FAR the best novel is Legend – The main character – Druss the Legend.
Druss is a living legend – the best Drenai warrior ever, but he is 60 years old. He suffers from a bad knee and a bad shoulder, but he tries to overcome his age to inspire young soldiers facing a terrible enemy.

After that, go straight to Midnight Falcon. And then read everything else in between.

Oh my look at that. I digressed again. Where was I? Ah yes!


Your takeaway?

Writer’s block happens but it does NOT have to stop you!

Instead, step back, take a breather, watch Godzilla King of the Monsters and realize that Gidorah’s 3rd head is Kevin :

and realize…

This too, shall pass.


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