🌠 Boldly Rebounding from a CookieLess Future?

Ever wake up one morning and think to yourself:

“Jeepers self, if only I could be prepared for when all those lovely Internet cookies disappear from browsers!!!”

If so, you’re definitely not alone…

… the advent of cookies going bye bye (as opposed to buy buy) is something that should worry all marketers.

And that’s why the follow article will be of great interest to you (and be sure to return here once you’ve finished to benefit from the other resources that I discovered for you:


There, you’ll see not one, not two but 4(!) ways to cope should your cookies crumble, including:

“…Cookies are far from perfect: Although cookies have been the number one way to track and measure the performance of targeted content based on clicks, they are far from perfect. They offer an incomplete picture: they can tell you about a person’s action (such as a website visit), without telling who they are or what they want to get out of the engagement with your brand. Cookies are also device-specific, so for example, devices shared across several users could end up with targeted ads that don’t map to the correct individual….”


“…The reality about contextual marketing: Many digital marketers are turning to targeting an audience based on their “location,” such as visiting a website, the use of search terms, or the content they’re viewing. This practice, known as contextual marketing, allows you to reach your target audience at the “right” time since they see your ad or other promotional messages when they’re viewing content based on set parameters.

But this is imperfect as well, because without data about the individual, the information you capture may be missing the mark– the individual could be doing competitive research or they may have landed on your webpage by mistake.

And even if they are in-market for your offer, this approach doesn’t offer a practical way to follow up with them on their interest at a later time….”

and more… good stuff indeed!

Fact is, the more and more people know about cookies and other affiliate marketing techniques, the greater the chance they have to profit. Thus, beginners affiliate marketing would make for a wonderful challenge, blog post, tutorial and more. You could structure it like so:

Step 1.) Decide how you want to profit with Affiliate Marketing



Step 2.) Look for products that fall into that niche



Step 3.) Get your affiliate links and make it so!



Your takeaway?

Affiliate marketing is always evolving as the days/weeks/months/years roll by…

Why not take the time now to prepare for a successful 2021 year… affiliate marketing profit-wise?


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