🌠 Day 1, Aff Marketing: Independence Day Profiting Made Easy?

Ever wake up one morning and think to yourself:

“Jeepers self, if only I could increase the money I make on my blog today!”

If so, you’re not the only one….

Independence Day is a GREAT opportunity for you to increase your bottom line profits!


If there’s one mantra that every niche beginner needs to repeat every single day, it’s this: “The only way I end up making money when I sell!”

Gasp! Eeek! That scary word… “Sell!”

‘Tis understandable, mind you. And it can be a HUGE roadblock for beginners to make money online… because they don’t give themselves permission even to start.

But the good news is that literally anyone can begin profiting online… by taking advantage of this simple one deniable fact:

It’s much easier to sell things if people actively WANT to purchase them!

It’s an obvious truth, and yet, it’s often forgotten by beginners who miss the point of profiting online. They drown themselves with a myriad of inane details which are part and parcel of running an online business, but are not the MAIN THING.

They might do their best to overdeliver insane value in an attempt to build trust and credibility with their audience. However, they’re in a constant content creation race as they try to outdo the competition.

They check off all the required boxes except the one which puts money in their pockets…selling.

Are you nodding your head yet?

See, lots of times beginners neglect to keep “selling” at the forefront of their minds and end up failing miserably at it. Now what they have are blogs with lots of content, but which are about as helpful as a caffeinated hyperactive moose trying to carry 472 glass goblets and quietly tiptoe through a packed library (while operating a jackhammer at the same time!).

But you, *you* will avoid this issue.


Lean in close and listen to my words…

You will avoid it by monetizing your blog (your own space on the Internet) *effectively*… and being aware that during certain times of the year, holidays make profiting even easier.


You have to sell, sell and sell some more to beef up your bottom line. How else will you make money?

Even if you’re displaying sponsored content on your blog, you’re still selling space on it for ads to appear.

Now, there are many monetization methods with varying degrees of efficacy. But ultimately, someone has to buy something (or click on an ad) for you to actually see money landing in your bank account.

And to make it even easier for you… you’re going to take advantage of Independence Day.

A time where it doesn’t matter WHAT your blog is about… you can simply apply not 1, not 2 but 5 (!) ways to profit via Independence Day. And again, it doesn’t matter what your niche is.

Ready to begin?

Let’s start with the first one:

Selling Independence Day Products as an Affiliate

This is probably the easiest monetization method of the lot because all you’ll be doing is selling other people’s Independence Day products and collecting commissions from the sales you generate.

The great things about this is you don’t need to worry about the tech details or customer service. Your focus is only on pre-selling and creating persuasive Independence Day product reviews.

There are several platforms that allow affiliates to promote products. The most common ones are Amazon, ClickBank, ShareASale, Rakuten and so on.

Once you’re registered with these platforms, it’s just a matter of adding your affiliate links (on your blog) to products that would be peachy for Independence Day in your niche.

Keep in mind, there must be congruence with your niche and the products you’re recommending. You wouldn’t want to promote a kitteh-themed Independence Day plushie on a Karate blog just because the first has a higher pay-out.

I mean, compare:




The first, you could actually display images of the products and reviews, but the second, well…

You’d have to write just why those products fit! It’s easy, mind you … just write a “10 Perfect Independence Day gifts for Karate practioners” and then include the product images and reviews.

But what about tangible AND digital products? You could promote done-for-you Independence Day printables, OR even simply… promote a gift card (via your affiliate link) that originates from niche-oriented businesses. Ideally, you should promote a mix of both tangible and digital products. It’ll also be wise to promote products on different platforms. This will ensure that all your coffee is not stored in just one bag.

Far too many bloggers rely entirely on Amazon Associates (even though it’s very easy to use, you can probably find niche sites that offer a far better commission).

Even worse, they might see their earnings dry up overnight if Amazon bans them from the platform.

Unfortunately, this happens all the time and the affiliates are not even given a reason as to why they were banned. The sheer indignity of it all.

Not you though! Here, check this out:

Let’s say your niche is model rockets. You could search on:


Do you prefer stained glass?


What about pets?


See what I mean?

No matter what niche you are in, you can find affiliate programs for it… and you can even search for

Best NICHE Independence Day gifts

And see if whatever shows up… has an affiliate program you can sign up for.

Your takeaway?

As Independence Day draws near… more and more people will be searching for that perfect niche-based Independence Day gift.

Shouldn’t they buy it through you?


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