🌠 Do YOU know this person?

=-=-= Do You Know This Person? =-=-=

Quick! Take a moment and ask yourself…

==> Do you know this person?

You know, what everyone *says* about this person?

Well, do *you?*

Or do you NOT know this person, but are instead willing to accept whatever anyone else says and might even then embroider it with even more, well, not “lies”, but anything that makes people laugh at this person (shared mirth you know!)…

…and a pack mentality, too. It happens in just about every industry.

Sometimes I think it’s way easier for people to gossip and point fingers and sourGrapes about other folks (especially if it makes them *feel* superior, even when based upon zero knowledge) rather than approach this person with an open mind.

I mean, just think about it.

Perhaps you yourself is in a challenging spot in your life… you hear good things about this person…. Unless you’re selfless enough to find joy in other people’s successes, how on earth can it benefit you by comparing yourself and finding yourself falling ‘way short?

Let’s take another example.

What if that person is *already* experiencing those good things?

Would your initial reaction be to “Yeah but?” As in, “yeah, that person did achieve xyz but I’ll bet it was only bribery, or faking it because they didn’t make it, etc.etc.etc.”

And if that’s not your initial reaction, what about when you see a lynch mob mentality start to polarizes groups of who used to be friends?

What about it?

Sad stuff, you know.

But back to my original idea.

==> Do you know this person?

And when other people see this person and gossip/talk/malign/etc., do you join in?

Do you like their comments?

Do you help others by sharing the rumors you’ve heard, just so you can protect everyone else?

==> Do you do that about this person?

Well guess what.

This person is *you*.

Nobody else can walk in your shoes, but 45857647 people sure as hell can judge you and you won’t have a single clue as to what’s being said…

… until (hopefully!) a *real* friend gathers the courage to say, “you might not be aware of these industry politics, but here’s what happening.”

Remember: *Friends look out for friends.* They don’t spend their lives climbing to success via the knives they stick in people’s backs, nor do they abandon their colleagues when even “big names” join in on the character assassination.

They take a stand.

And they do NOT present their guesses as *facts*. Heck, the only thing they judge…

…is how *their* colleagues walk the walk they talk.

Think about it.


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