🌠 Exactly HOW Transparent are you online?

Ever wake up one morning and think to yourself:

“Jeepers self, I should put my most up-to-date photo of me online! After all, transparency shines!”

If so, that is a very unique thing to consider in the morning. Smile

But should you think that, apparently you’re not alone! That’s why you’ll enjoy the following article (and be sure to return here once you’re finished so you can benefit from other goodies):


There, you’ll discover:

“…We all have that friend or colleague. You know the one. That person with the social media profile shot that doesn’t exactly match their actual appearance.

Or, to be more blunt: their social media profile shot looks nothing like them.

In some cases, it’s a profile shot from 10+ years ago—making the person look younger.

In other cases, it’s almost like a “Glamour shot” (I know I’m dating myself with that reference)—which essentially is a “best self” shot.

There are many reasons people take this approach—and, in most of those cases, I don’t actually fault them….”


“…But here’s the thing. Social media is designed to be, well, social. And, that means you’re often using social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Insta to get to know other people—as authentically as possible (at least, that’s what I would think).

When you start developing that new relationship with what amounts to a phony head shot, you’re not starting off on the right foot and building trust….”

Interesting take!

The concept of being authentic online could make for a grand challenge, tutorial, blog post and more. You could structure it like so:

Step 1.) Decide exactly HOW you want to come across online.

Step 2.) Don’t like your looks? Use a cartoon avatar!

Step 3.) Accept it’s okay to use a younger picture if your audience expects it.

Resources for the above include:







Your takeaway?

Honestly, it’s up to YOU to decide how you come across online….

Never let anyone else *tell* you how to be comfortable. It’s your business, after all.


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