🌠 The Astonishingly Marvelous Checklist of SEO Tips?

Ever walk outside to your car or bike or motorcycle or outdoor sidewalk, stop suddenly and silently bemoan to yourself, “Oh if ONLY I had ALL of the nifty coolio SEO tips just one one paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaage!”?

If so, fear not, beloved reader!

Check out


and you’ll see the UCL of all SEOs in the entire known galaxy!

It’s pretty neat too – it covers:


On-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO

and more!

SEO is one of those esoteric thingees that lots of folk feel uncomfortable tackling because OMG how on EARTH could anyone compete with those page 1 rankings?

However, that is short-sighted indeed. SEO is an ongoing, long-term adventure… it makes *superb* sense to just do it and implement the suggestions you read and ideally watch, day after day, as your site rankings improve.

Fact is, you could create a nifty 1 page cheatsheet about it as well like so:

Step 1.) Read up on all beginners SEO tutorials

Step 2.) Install Yoast SEO plugin for a quick fix

Step 3.) Configure said Yoast plugin for a quicker fix

Resources that help include:





Your takeaway?

SEO truly is NOT difficult to tackle – you just have to give yourself permission to make it so!


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