🌠 The Magical Mystery 404 Tour?

Ever wake up one morning and say to yourself:

“Jeepers self, if only I could devise a clever, catchy and Oscar-worthy way of both amusing my visitors when expected pages are NOT found, AND (at the same time no less!) contributing towards that exciting science of increasing my bottom line profits?”

If so, let me be the first to tell you – that’s a rather long and cumbersome thought to occur first thing in the morning!

But then allow me to reassure you that yep – hoping to increase one’s bottom line income via *anything* done on your site is a Very Wise Thing Indeed.

Luckily, the vast majority of sites come with this already built-in – it’s called the 404 page (because ‘way back when, folks who built the Internet specifications figured that numeric codes were ‘way more descriptive than, say, descriptive names. Go figure).

A 404 page is simply the default page where all missing page queries are directed. The vast majority of WordPress themes come with a 404 template already built in as well!

So what *do* you include in your 404 pages?

So glad you asked!

You can gently let your visitors know the page they are searching for is not there.

You can provide suggestions of other aspects of your website for people to visit instead, like


Heck, the whole concept of a a 404 “file not found” page could be addressed via a quite report as well, perhaps like:

Step 1.) Look at 404 page examples for inspiration

Step 2.) Decide how you want YOUR 404 page to look like

Step 3.) Create that 404 page at your site!

Resources for the above include:







Your takeaway?

It’s not that difficult to redirect your visitors to a helpful spot on your site if a page has been moved or taken away….

Why not explore doing that today?


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