🌠 The Unexpected Benefits of Slacking On?

Ever wake up one morning, roll out of bed and go “thunk!” on the floor (followed by “owww” and say to yourself:

“Jeepers self, I so wish I knew just *why* I want to use the benefits of Slack!”

If not, you’re forgiven… Slack is not the first application you’d think of when networking with colleagues/business leads, but apparently there’s lots you can do with it!


has a terrific roundup of not 1, not 2 but 20(!) uses of this platform including:

Look up details about the prospects from your CRM
There is no need for visiting your CRM over and over again. You can check the status of leads and prospects directly from your Slack.

Collaborate with your teammates on new posts/visuals from Slack
Collaboration is an important part of every marketing campaign – especially because it involves people from different industries (for example, copywriters, designers, photographers, and developers).

Integrate Google Analytics data into Slack
It’s important to keep a constant eye on your website metrics because that’s the place where the magic of your business usually happens and where your potential users decide whether they want to try your product/service or not.

Thus, receiving your Google Analytics data into Slack can be more than useful. You can easily receive your Google Analytics data into Slack every day by installing the Arc.ai app and receive statistics both in text or diagram format.

and more!

Slack would be an excellent topic for a good 1 2 3 cheatsheet as well, perhaps structured like so:

Step 1.) Understand what Slack is

Step 2.) Understand the benefits Slack offers you

Step 3.) Create your own free Slack channel and how it treats you!

Resources for the above include:






Your takeaway?

Slack is something that might be very helpful to you indeed…

Why not check it out today?


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