🌠 The Very Best Gift You Can Bestow Upon Your Students?

Ever wake up one morning and realize your coaching students have an issue…

… they’re afraid to tell you?

And it’s quite the smoosher of an issue…. it’s the lack of faith in oneself.

As you might know, this can truly keep someone from achieving the greatness they are capable of… because they keep telling themselves:

“I cannot do this!”

It’s heck, it really is.

So how do you handle it?

So glad you asked! I recently had quite the character-building day which caused me to become quite pensive.

It resulted in me taking stock of everything I’ve done so far during my past several centuries of living on earth…

… and it occurs to me that the one thing I’m seeing these days on FB and the news and anyone who disagrees with anyone…

… is *hatred*.

Blind, frothing-at-the-mouth…


…Simply because people allow themselves to get brainwashed by carefully chosen snippets of videos and conversations and unleash the hounds of hell upon specific targets… with the goal of *pure destruction*.

The hatred sickening, it really is.

Faceless mobs bark about their *solutions* but never provide valid answers for actions *After* said solutions.

Take, oh, say….

*Illegal immigrants*.

Here in NJ, there’s talk about letting illegal immigrants get drivers licenses, while I, a tax-paying citizen, have to provide 6 (6!) *proofs of identity*.

Where is the logic of that? Unless its the first step to getting bleeploads more people to vote the way the people behind the curtain want?

*Or homeless veterans!*

It was great that tent cities could be erected for illegal immigrants with 48 hours… if such a huge amount of funding could be found for people who aren’t even citizens of our country… why do we still have homeless vets who *gave* to their country in ways you and I simply never have?


The mind boggles.

And I will virtually guarantee… your coaching students see the same stuff, and IF they are *already* wobbly about believing in themselves, being surrounded by such negativity is certainly non-optimal indeed.

And you know what I realized?

You cannot fix the above.

But what you *can* fix, and what you can *choose* to fix…

… is letting your students know, heck, the colleagues you value know, heck part 2, the *people* you *love*…

… letting them know how much you believe in *them*.

And seriously that’s one of the bestest long-lastingest gifts you can giveth anyone.

I remember back in college, when I asked my math professor, *why* didn’t you give up on me, she responded: “Because I always believed in you.”

32+ years ago that was, and I remember it as clear as a frosty glass of Fresca that was NOT thrown into a polar vortex and frozen into glorious Instagram-worth pix.

And me?

I made sure today remind:

* my kids

* several colleagues

… that I believe in them *whole-heartedly*, even through the storms they had to ensure. No matter what challenges they may encounter, they possess the seeds of greatness and should their faith in themselves falter, they can borrow mine.


Because my faith in the people I teach and love is eternal and will always warm them to the end of time.

Your takeaway?

Sure, you can tell your coaching students/kids/spouse/friends/etc that emotion is an unneeded aspect in life, and if you need others to tell you they believe in you, that shows you lack the self-confidence to believe in yourself.

And hey, that might be true!

==> And *that’s* why reinforcing your never-changing faith in the people who look to you for validation is *so* important.

Remember, people on FB generally show *only* their highlight reels. They rarely share self-doubt or a lack of confidence or whatever.

But not sharing…. doesn’t mean its not there.

And knowing the ones you admire are pulling for you… it can help in ways you end up remembering 32+ years later.

Remember – life is short.

It really is.

Be a rock of strength for people who need you… even if they’ve never explicitly stated their fears. Just being proactively messaged by you to say how much you admire and believe in them…

… well, the results are something that might kick those seeds of greatness within your students/friend/spouse/kids to finally sprout and grow into something magnificent.

Positive Validation.

It does a body good.


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