🌠A Well-Aged Secret Sauce In Snaring Extra Prospects?

Ever hear the phrase – “What you don’t know can’t hurt you?”

Truly there are times that is applicable.

For example, if you’re an Internet marketer, NOT knowing that exiting your starship while in orbit around Boreth, minus any extra breathing gear, *will* 100% kill you …

… that lack of knowledge won’t hurt you in the least (Unless you’re a devout follower of canon from the 1960s and make this dramatic statement in virtually *any* gatekeeping Star Trek group for matters not critical to this essay. But I digress).

But what if you don’t know something that could *help* you?

And what if that knowledge could be gained as easily as reading a blog post?

And even more interesting…

… what if that knowledge opened the wings of your mind regarding a rather popular social media resource, one that has over a billion zillion trillion (okay, 1+ billion) users?

I’m talking, of course, about Facebook, and in this particular case, the spine-tingling excitement of reaching potential customers via Facebook ads via (drumrolll please!)

“Said Aforementioned Well Aged Secret Sauce!”

I was reminded of this an hour or so ago, when one of my kids started chatting with me about Minecraft. FB, knowing what every living animated cell in this universe does (generally 3 seconds before said cells do it), immediatly showed me an ad about ID Tech Camp that featured (you guessed it) Minecraft!

Not missing a millisecond, I immediately fired up Hypersnap to grab a screenshot, only to discover that yet again, my computer’s beloved G drive gave up the ghost for the 3512th time since this morning (very slight exaggeration).

Not missing a Barry Manilow beat, I then pounced on Google to search it up and encountered:


written by our very own Ben Adkins.

Now, this rather excellent analysis mentioned some key facts in the video entitled:

“How ID Tech Uses Minecraft to Attract Tech Savvy Kids for Summer Camp”

The point I really zeroed in on was:

“How targeting a wide age range can work in certain cases”

Their explanation makes a huge amount of sense as well:

“…One thing that really stood out to us is the fact that the age range went up to 60. Then we realized that they were targeting grandparents of these tech-savvy kids. Grandparents are on Facebook and always looking for ways to spoil their grandchildren or tell their children what they need to be buying for their grandchildren.

We believe this is more of an exploratory ad to see what kind of people are actually clicking on their stuff. But, what you are not seeing in this targeting, is that they are targeting people who have kids. The reason you are not going to see this show up is because this is something that is highly sensitive for parents. There are certain targeting things that will never show up. And most of the time, what we have learned, is that Facebook doesn’t put it in front of you because it would raise some things that may be a problem for them….”

(‘course, in *my* family, grandparents are defined by ages 80+, but as I’ve been assured *many* times… my family (and me, for that matter) is not quite the usual. Smile )

’tis a grand article all in all – I highly suggest you check it out!

FB ads, it seems, tends to be quite the interesting opportunity for marketers… and as such, would lend itself to a one-problem/one solution report or cheatsheet like so:

Step 1.) Understand the Benefits of FB Ads

Step 2.) Get Inspired by FB Ad Examples and explanations

Step 3.) Give Yourself Permission to Try Via These Beginners Steps

Need some resources for that? Consider:






Your takeaway?

You can uncover more prospects by advertising to those separated by one degree (aka parents, friends, employers, starship designers, time-crystal connectors and the like)…

Why not try that today?


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