🌠Curing Yourself For That Craving of Hi-C Blinking Text?

Ever wake up one morning and say to yourself:

“Jeepers self, if *only* I could somehow pull myself out of the Disco and Tickle-Me Elmo era and actually advanced to presentations a bit more modern than a fossilized clam!” (In other words, you realize that your blinking texts and lens flares, along with your Hi-C Animated Juice Jug that bashes into your walls every now and then might be… outdated a wee bit).

Well if so, you’re in luck! Check out the following goodie (and then sure to return to this page for more insights):


This nifty post provides you with not 1, not 2 but 7(!) signs that your presentations are grazing with the dinosaurs, including:

Death by bullet points

Bullet points are a stubborn holdover from PowerPoints early use that continues to rear its ugly head. My advice? No more than 5 bullet points (it’s the max we’re likely to remember) with 6-8 words each. If you have more, consider breaking them up into individual slides or use a handout.

(allow me to disagree with that – my beloved bullet points have saved me many a “buy a clue” clueless readers but hey, I digress).

One size fits all

In 1980 Nike had 200 different types of sneakers. Say you didn’t like the color but liked the fit, well, you just had to compromise. Today you can buy any one of 475 Nike sneakers, OR you can create your very own design customizing various elements – which expands the number exponentially.

Therefore it’s no surprise that today’s customers expect a custom experience – whether they’re investing in a pair of shoes, a car, or a complex solution.
In this “I’ll have it my way” market, generic presentations don’t stand a chance. Tailor your presentation in meaningful ways to avoid being instantly labeled out of touch….”

Good stuff indeed!

The whole concept of creating modern presentations that can leapfrog over stationary bricks would be a very popular one indeed.

You can structure it like so:

Step 1.) Research modern Powerpoint templates

Step 2.) Refresh yourself with super Powerpoint Tips

Step 3.) Make it so!

Resources for the above include:








Your takeaway?

The 2020s are here…. start bringing your templates into the next century!


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