🌠Do this before making beeyons of dollars

One of the biggest curses of life is social media these days, wouldn’t you agree?

It’s de-evolved from being a great way to reach out and touch someone (Usenet for the win!) to something where people feel the have the right to insult others as a keyboard warrior.

I was reminded of this when perusing one of my fav authors (Diana Gabaldon, who is like the Richard Branson of writing) Twitter feed.

SO many readers decided to tell her how she *should* have written.

10s of thousands of superb pages she has created, more than a dozen awesome short stories….

And yet tweebleheads online insist she should confirm to *their* beliefs (while never having written an original word in their lives).

So sad. Sad

Thus, before you become a World Famous Anything, just remember – do not give rent-free space in your mind to tweebleheads .

When you put yourself out there, you run the risk of people insulting you, telling you how to do better, etc.etc.etc…

Folks of ZERO importance to you in real life.

Should you ever find people like that, you can either respond with “Thank you for your input”, or just block them like so:



Your takeaway?

Unleashing the greatness within you will cause other, less-talented people to try and pull you down.

View them as human cockroaches, block them, and continue making your greatness happen.

It’s a wonderful way to live life.


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