🌠Don’t be a tweebleheaded customer

It never ever ceases to amaze me how many people act as though their customer status gives the right to be a rude horrid, icky person to service reps who are simply trying to help solve their problems.

“I am the customers, and these people are the service providers, so I can act in any way I want!”


Especially now that we’re in, what, year 2? 3? 56? of the pandemic… tempers are shorter than ever and it might be more tempting to yell at a phone sized receiver.

Except that wee bit ‘o problem that there’s another human bean attached to it.

And especially…. if you yourself are the one with the issues, why on earth would you want to take out your frustrations on the only people who can help you out?

‘Tis something to consider.


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