🌠Dropping this makes you money

Ever been in a character-building situation?

Well, I sure have… one that I certainly never would have proactively chosen to do, but one that my spirit dictated it was the *right* thing to do.

And I’m so glad I did! If there’s one thing I truly believe, you’re put on this planet to somehow make a difference and by the time you die… what part of the world you can touch will be a better place.

Thus, sure, whlie I might not be able to affect great big huge chunks of the world’s population (political and entertainment folk do that), I *can* help the important folk in my life to trust in fate, but give fate a kick in the right direction.

Which brings me to the main point!

One of the most character-building things about life is that the lessons never stop coming. You can be in the peak of health, happiness and coffee and then boom, the random low-flying asteroid takes out your home (which then takes out your health and happiness and ….)…

The lessons keep coming. Thing is, though, sometimes people get really set in their ways as they grow older. They find it impossible to compromise and create a win-win situation.

Your challenge here?

You don’t want to become “that person”! You never want to close yourself off to learning about new ideas or situations… you should always want to understand what’s going on around you. And sometimes… the only way to do that is to drop your ego and open your soul to whatever lesson is waiting for you.

As you become older, you’ll find the lives and times truly do change dramatically…. and to keep supporting your family online, you have to change with the times.

Most appropriately, that involves you… dropping your own ego and being willing not only to just hear… but actually *listen* to and internalize whatever is required for you to ‘level up’ on your journey to becoming a savvy, better person.

In my vast old age, I’ve realized that people ascribe ‘waaay too much power to their ego… and think ‘way too much on how other people *might* be judging them.

And that’s ridiculous for the real world. Clutching your ego to your chest and boldly declaring, this is mine!, is NOT the way to learn whatever lesson your guardian angel is trying to tell you…

You simply *have* to drop your ego if you want to unleash the greatness you have within you.

Your takeaway?

Drop that ego, surround yourself with the kind of people you aspire to become – take the time to truly network and be open to learning from anyone.

You never know when you’ll uncover that one golden nugget that turns the key in your mind into becoming a powerhouse online.


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