🌠Highly Effective FB Landing pages… Demystified?

Ever wake up one morning and think to yourself:

“Jeepers self, if only I could create super nifty neato FB landing pages so all of my ads would convert beyond mortal comprehension!!”

If so, you’re definitely not alone, as there are bunches of ways you can increase your conversions via your social media marketing.

That’s they the following article is so interesting (and be sure to return here once completed so you can benefit from the other goodies I found for you):


There, you’ll discover grand ideas like:

“…A landing page is a web page visitors “land” on when they engage with an ad or offer. The purpose of a landing page is to drive action by offering something of value in exchange for lead information. Usually, they’ll have a form to download a free ebook, receive a demo, get a template, or something similar.

Facebook landing pages refer to the ones attached to Facebook ads. They’re still meant to entice audience members to take action, but are optimized for use on Facebook.

Just like there’s best practices for creating landing pages for your website, there’s some for those linked to Facebook ads. They have to do with your ad goals and optimizing the content for audiences….”


“…Choose a template.

I am not a website designer, so I decided to use a landing page builder to make mine, and it turned out looking awesome. For this design, I decided to use Wix, but you can use any software with webpage tools, like HubSpot or Mailchimp.

When picking my template, I wanted to go with one that would best serve my offer. I decided that one with a simple form and text — that way, I wouldn’t have much to edit, and the static design wouldn’t distract Facebook viewers.

A simple template for a conversion ad is ideal. Landing pages should be a simple design so they don’t distract audiences from engaging with the right content. In this case, an ebook offer….”

and more… good stuff!

The ideas of FB landing pages is something that could be a great topic for a challenge, tutorial, blog post and more! You could structure it like so:

Step 1.) Read up on effective FB advertising techniques

Step 2.) Decide what you want to offer

Step 3.) Create the Landing page and make it so!

Resources for the above include:








Your takeaway?

FB can be extremely useful for increasing your bottom line…

Why not try it out today?


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