🌠If you can’t beat ’em, turn their advertising against ’em!

Good morning! It’s Monday, July 15th, and unless you’re living on a different planet in a different universe…..


Yes, Today!

Today is the Amazon Prime Day Sale!

And it’s deserving of dozens of exclamation points! Like these !!!!!

And these !!!!!!!!

And even (dare I hint at it)…


Be still my beating heart.

Thank you very much, I feel much better now. Smile


Amazon Prime Day is now not a mere piddling 24 hours but 48 (2 whole days!). Last year, you might remember that it was 1.5 days (especially if you had released your third version of the Amazon Prime Cheatsheet, but I digress), so a full 2 days is simply to be expected.

But here’s the coolio nifty thingee about it all…..

Amazon, like coffee, rules the world.

And one might rightly think… how on earth can they compete against such a mighty titan?

Some large retailers like Target or Walmart have their own sales in place.

But it’s eBay’s response that tickles my fancy a weeee bit – they’re having their own (insert dramatic pause here) Crash Sale.

And why is it a “crash sale”?

Why, to memorialize the time last year when on the very first day of Amazon Prime Day… the Amazon site crashed!

To quote:

“…She said Prime Day is “a holiday Amazon totally made up to get people excited about its parade of deals, real parades don’t charge a membership. They will mostly have deals on random stuff nobody wants, they are mostly trying to clear their warehouse.”

Last year, Amazon crashed last year on Prime Day (referenced in the ad). If it does crash now, eBay has promised to unlock even more deals. Its ‘Crash Sale’ is named after the crash it predicts the Amazon website will have….”

Extremely powerful marketing, wouldn’t you agree?

And yet, it’s virtually guaranteed that….

All of the hype and froth of Amazon Prime Day will end up causing now only billions spent at Amazon, but also bunches of moola being spent at other retailers as well.

A win win for all!

So how can you best use happenings like this to make more money yourself?

Why, by aligning your business with various and sundry events of course!

You could have the “Slightly Smaller Than Amazon.com Prime Day Sale!” on your own website.

Or perhaps an informal betting pool as to when the servers will get overloaded and reach that coveted status of: “fry an egg on the surface temperature” (I think only sysadmins would be interested in weeping in joy over that one, but you never know).

So yep…. *event* marketing.

Event marketing gives you 365 different reasons, one per day, to have 365 different sales (one per day!). Such a topic could make for a nifty one page cheatsheet as well:

Step 1.) Find all the relevant celebrations in your country

Step 2.) See what sorts of items you sell that would lend itself to that event

Step 3.) Create a hashtag and encourage participants to share their experiences!

Need resources for the above? Consider:





Your takeaway?

Amazon Prime is today! See how you can use that fact to increase your own personal bottom line… allow your imagination to run free.


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