🌠Marketing past the Age of Aquarius?

Ever wake up one morning and think to yourself:

“Jeepers self, if only I could be reassured of my ancient years in a way only modern jargon could doooooooo!”

Well, if so, allow me to present for your edification this headline:

“15 Sprint Review Anti-Patterns”

Now, if you were born prior to Woodstock, Peace, Drugs, and Barry Manilow, your first thought might be similar to mine:

“Sprint? Didn’t they go out of the telcom business ages ago? and wasn’t there a telephone company that started with the letter M? And hey! What about Ma Bell? And Baby Bells? And DACS (digital access cross systems) and Accumaster (an exercise in pain not known by kids today) and SABLE and SABLIME (the words ‘pain’ come to mind) and SCCS and MAKE and NMAKE (new make!) and and and….”

And ah yes! That telcom company that began with M was … MCI!

Verizon now owns it.

And would ya look at that… Sprint still DOES exist!!

Will wonders never cease to exist.

But I digress.

See, I came across this article:


in my morning forum-writing-forays, and was all set to relate “marketing” to “telcom”….

… only to realize, the Sprint mentioned here sure ain’t the Sprint that competed with AT&T all those centuries ago!

But I digress part two.

All of the above, of course, I wrote simply as a way to introduce my main topic:


Dinosaurs that the modern generation might scoff at and think we’re toothless old carbon-based units…

… but dinosaurs who still have to support their family.

Should dinosaurs who can still remember the excitement of slamming down the rotary phone handset after annoying phone calls… think their old-timey skills just won’t cut it in today’s fast-paced environment?

Heck no!

I remember a conversation with one of my kids ‘way back when, as I was explaining how I built entire sites via a 1980s technology (Korn Shell)…

… the kid asked me why I still insist on using dinosaur tech when so many more modern tools could replace it.

The answer, of course, after blowing in the wind, was:

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Sure, some of my skills might, in later archeological digs, appear to hail from a civilization long gone, but for now…

They work just peachy.

That’s why whenever I need to have a sales page created, or an image designed, I don’t have to use any new-fangled “tech” thingees…

I can return to my roots (beloved HTML and php, on which WordPress is kinda sorta a wee bit built) and fix things myself.

This effectively cuts out the middle person – I don’t have to wait for webmasters to get back to me, or graphics professionals to charge me a coffee and a cup…

I can make things happen on my own.

The cool thing about it all is once you give yourself permission to face any fear of learning something new, you’ll often discover it’s not that bad at all!

And the art of learning is something you could create a great blueprint about as well. You could break it down into:

Step 1.) Determine the skills you need

Step 2.) Uncover free tutorials to teach yourself

Step 3.) Put those newly learned skills to use!

Resources for the above include:








Your takeaway?

Don’t let fear prevent you from continuing to demonstrate your greatness. If you think new skills would benefit your career…

To heck with any of the naysayers, grab your future with both hands and make it so.


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