🌠Revisiting “OK Boomer” and making it your own in m

Ever wake up one morning and realize a whole bunch of young whipper-snappers are trying to use the world Boomer as an insult and refer to a person not worth listening too?

Permit me to laugh hysterically.

I mean, seriously.

Boomers, by definition, are folks still alive who have not been killed off by teenager stupidity.

That by itself is worthy of praise.

Now, sure, there’s lots of other reasons why boomers might still be alive for all the wrong reasons (aka amoral wastes of oxygen, rich folk who have never had to live a day in the inner cities, and a whole bunch of other thingees as well).

But flap my earlobes and call me Dumbo – the sheer inanity of judging if someone is worthwhile listening to simply because of their excess years (years that were spent actually *learning* how to survive, co-exist, and even use diversity as an inclusive concept instead of getting rid of everyone you have a disagreement with)….

Just… *wow*.

I was reminded this of via this article:


To wit:

“…You’ve probably seen the interviews on the news: A reporter approaches a young, shirtless guy on the beach and asks, “Aren’t you afraid of getting COVID-19?” Shirtless guy: “No, they say it doesn’t affect young people as much, so I’m not worried.”

Seriously? It’s not the idiocy of going on TV and saying you don’t care about getting sick. That’s to be expected of the young and indestructible. But you’re so shockingly selfish you don’t for a moment consider the danger of infecting the vulnerable, even members of your own family, with a deadly disease?

OK, millennial.”

But be whatever it is that may be….

The facts are, Boomers still exist, we’re still pretty darned smart (after all, we’re still alive and know how NOT to first wrap ourselves up in raw steak, venture into a herd of starving lions, and then try to take a selfie with one), and also…

Millennials: TOS and TNG also still exist and are more often than not, blessed with health and deep driving desire to make the world a *better* place (instead of focusing just on trying to keep themselves individually alive).

Gen Z: Same!

So! Bridging that gap… Boomers and Millennials and Gen Z … it’s a Good Thing indeed!

Teaching older marketers to talk to teens who might want to buy their products can also be a grand subject for a challenge, a blog post, a tutorial and more. You could structure it like so:

Step 1.) Understand how teens communicate

Step 2.) See how you can create a middle ground

Step 3.) Build up know, like and trust… and then pitch.

Resources for the above include:








Your takeaway?

If you’re a Boomer, be proud of it. You probably survived 17 shades of hell.

And if you want to market to those who are mocking you with the word Boomer, well, chances are… they do have (their parent’s) money…. so why not?


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