🌠Selling to the Devil in That Exists Only In Your Mind?

Ever get an insane desire to make as much money as possible, which would mean selling to anyone and everyone who shows the slightest bit of interest?

Ever think to yourself at that precise moment:

“Jeepers self, while that person could be in the next 10.3 seconds a source of cold hard cash that would benefit me, my family and my Nerds candy addiction (not to mention frozen pears addiction, because frozen ripe pears has the same consistency of ice cream)….

… instead of closing the sale, I could take offense at any one of the 5,918 different beliefs this person possesses, call them out on it, and then ENSURE they go elsewhere to spend their cash!


GO ME, indeed, until you realize that by giving into your insane desire to declare YOUR version of human purity is better than anyone elses…

You’ve ensured your future customer became your present detractor who will then probably tell 10 of his or her friends about your intense jerkiness in forcing YOUR beliefs on THEM.

And alas, there goes “buy buy” of any hope of their capitalistic expenditures nestling themselves safely in *your* pocket.

In my long and varied centuries of watching various aspects of the world figuratively burn, I’ve *never* seen such a hateful, heartfelt desire for people find any and all reasons to separate themselves into teeny tiny packs of insignificant humanity…. all the while thinking they are leading the charge for whatever cause they believe in.

And that is truly beyond *sad*.

Because when you let your politics start to permeate every interaction you have with single-cell organisms and above…

You’re no longer about *tolerate* (which is honestly a beautiful thing, because its our differences that make us great).

Instead, you’re about “tolerance so long as I agree with it 140%. And if I don’t, you’re *wrong*. No matter what else we might have in common…


Because you’re wrong, you’re sub-human to me, so I have every right to de-evolve into us vs. them interactions.”

And *that’s* what will cause your marketing bottom line to decay.

* * *

So… what to do about it?

Well, it’s like this.

Give yourself permission to realize that no matter WHAT you might feel about a person’s race/color/creed/sports team support/lifestyle and the like….

That’s between *them* and *their belief system*.

It’s *not* between you and them.

By constantly waving your “I am ME flag and SUPERIOR to YOU flag, all you are doing is repelling people who simply wanted to buy what you have to sell.

Even worse, you’re generating cracks within the other person’s armor that might state, “Tolerance is Good…”

… and change it to:

“Why even bother to be tolerant if I’m going to be attacked anyways?”

Your takeaway?



In today’s trigger-happy world, it’s two of the best courtesies that you can extend.

And by extending them, not only do you increase your bottomline sales…

You also build bridges and open doors…

Instead of burning the boats and watching ALL hope of compromise and tolerance disappear in the sunrise.

Remember – we are all far more *alike* than different when it comes to the human species.

Take advantage of that… and become *the* person that *all* approach when wanting to engage in dialogue (and even eCommerce).

Your bottom line will thank you!


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