🌠Taking Advantage of that Other Big Search Engine?

Ever wake up one morning and think to yourself:

“Jeepers self, if only I could ensure I have grand SEO for other search engines besides Google… like the most popular one in China!”

If so you’re definitely not alone – China is a HUGE market and who knows what the future will bring.

That’s why you’ll love the following (and be sure to return back once you’re done so you can benefit from the additional resources I uncovered for you):


There, you’ll discover goodies like:

“Both Google and Baidu offer similar search features, though Google’s algorithm and indexing capabilities seem to be a bit more robust.

Baidu is also known for its liberal use of rich snippets early on, while Google has only increased its use of rich snippets in recent years. Many SEO experts have suggested Google copied Baidu in this way.

The main differences between Baidu and Google rest in their individual SERPs. Here are a few clear differentiators between the two platforms:

While Google search results are available in 149 different languages, Baidu is only offered in Simplified Chinese.

Baidu links open in a new window, keeping the Baidu home page available at all times.
Most Baidu search results have thumbnail images included.

Rich snippets on Baidu are often dynamic and interactive, which sets them apart from Google. They are often tall, full of links, and even contain interactive JavaScript apps on the SERP.

Baidu’s rich-snippets can occupy up to 70 percent of a page….”


“… On the Baidu SERPs, .com sites are not favored, and having a .cn domain will help increase your chances of getting listed. That said, it may be difficult to acquire a .cn domain outside of China.

To attain a .cn domain, you need to either be a Chinese citizen or own a Chinese business. Additionally, all websites based in China must have a Bei’An license, and commercial websites must have an ICP license.

Due to heavy Chinese internet restrictions, attaining these licenses can be time-consuming and complicated. While this may seem off-putting, if you want your content to show up in the Baidu SERPs, it’s worth investing time to get a .cn domain to secure top rankings.

It’s also important to note the Great Firewall of China can add latency to sites loading from outside of China. For this reason, having a .cn domain is preferred not only for Baidu but for Chinese browsing experiences in general….”

and more!

Mastering Baidu SEO is a topic that could make for a grand challenge, cheatsheet, tutorial and more. You could structure it like so:

Step 1.) Understand the Differences between Google SEO and Baidu SEO

Need help with that? Consider:




Next, move to:

Step 2.) Examine Baidu SEO Tutorials

Need resources for that? Consider:




Finally, move to:

Step 3.) Begin Your Chinese Selling Adventure

Want ideas for that? Consider:





Good stuff!

Your takeaway?

China can be a HUGE marketing for you to profit within…

Why not take advantage of that today?


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