🌠The Art of Changing The Square Tire: Lousy Gas Mileage

Actually, the correct quote is really:

The art of changing your life!

However, that’s such a common headline thingee … I wanted to grab obscure attention first. Smile

Ever hear the phase, pounding a round peg into a square hole, or a square peg into a round hole, or making a square ridiculously unhappy by removing one side and connecting the exposed points (otherwise known as the Angry Triangle, a math exercise one learns ‘waaay early in geometry, but I digress)?

Let’s revisit this idea like so. The action of *trying* to do things the way everyone else does and yet being smooshed every time you attempt it…

Well, imagine the following action:

The delightful action of pounding your head against a brick wall because it feels soooo good when you stop.

Truly insane, aye?

But here’s the thing.

The opportunity facing you is actually one of great promise – things that might have worked in the past (or things done in “an accepted way because we’ve never changed”)…

… requires a whole *new* way of thinking to create the success you truly deserve.

And *that* can be extremely scary indeed (but not to fear – you will find yourself equal to this challenge!).

I mean, think about it:

People might laugh at you to your face.

People might talk about you behind your back.

People might view what you share and your current ideas as so supremely stupid, they use *you* as their laughing stock of their own character-building lives.

But here’s the thing. In the grand scheme of things in public life, you’re really not that important to others (which is good!).

So many times, we put *our* self-doubts into other people’s heads (aka we think, OMG everyone is laughing at me) when in reality, they’re simply focused on surviving in their own challenging environment.

You’re just a side note of derision to them.

And that’s okay, you know. You cannot control what other people say/think/etc. about you… but you *can* choose to learn how to control how you *react*. That brief space between provocation and your reaction…

Master that, and your ability to beef up your bottom line grows tremendously.


Because you’re not bogged down by *worrying* about what strangers (or even friends, or even loved ones, speaking from experience here) think.

Instead, you’re focused on *you*.

Building *your* success.

Focusing on people who *believe* in you.

Sure, there will be naysayers… and that is all to the good. Everyone has their own version of their own reality, crafted by their own personal experiences, tragedies, successes, heartbreaks and more. When you train yourself to ignore negativity, you can actually become an inspiration for said tweebly naysayers … and maybe help them heal in the future as well.

But that’s not important now. Today, the first thing you need to internalize is you HAVE to transmorgify that square tire into something *round*.

Not a “maybe I’ll do this when outer space reveals one-eyed, one-horned flyin’ purple people eaters”….

But *now*. Here. Today. Moving forward. Taking proactive steps to ensuring your financial future.

And returning back to our analogy of your BMW with the square tire…

It needs to be transformed into not only a round shape, but an inflated round shape with no extraneous holes created by hungry moose teeth!

(this is a nice way of saying, lay out steps to ensure you gain what you crave); after all, square tires make cars get lousy gas mileage!).

And once you’ve miraculously tuned up your BMW into a Quinjet, you can zoom off into the sunset!

But in order to even start….

The mental preparation is *key*.

And that’s what we’ll address in Part 2.


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