🌠The Astonishing Benefits of Actually Getting a Life?

Ever wake up one morning and joyfully say to yourself:

“Jeepers self, it’s the morning and I have another 24 hours I can dedicate towards my business!”

If so, treasure that feeling.

It doesn’t always last.

See, *too* much focusing on business (especially when things might be traveling southward at the speed of a lead balloon) can start to eat away at your attitude all around…

… and can then manifest itself in depression, pulling away from friends/family, and basically thinking the world would be a much better place if you didn’t have to go thru today.

That’s why:

is a rather grand read – it talks about actually getting a life (aka hobbies) and allowing yourself to recover from burn-out (or even preventing it from happening).

4 categories of hobbies are discussed:

Hobbies that feed your soul

Hobbies that strengthen your body

Hobbies to lose yourself in

Hobbies to replenish your creative juices

Good stuff!

The best thing about hobbies is that once you’ve mastered a hobby… you can then make money from said hobby (even on autopilot and passively).

Heck, such a concept could make for a great cheatsheet like so:

Step 1.) Pick a hobby that appeals to you

Step 2.) Actually *do* said hobby for at least a month (if it continues to give yourself pleasure)

Step 3.) Make money from said hobby

Resources for the above include:






Your takeaway?

Getting a life is key for future business success (as it will help you avoid/lessen burnout). And once you’ve really mastered it… you can make money from it as well!

Take advantage of that.


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