🌠The Fascinating Underworld of A/B Testing?

Ever wake up one morning and say to yourself:

“Jeepers self, what’s an intriguing word to use in a headline?”

If so, I know how you feel, underworld and all.


Regarding A/B testing itself…

As you might know, it’s simply testing 2 pages against one another (with the difference being one single variable).

That variable could be:

* Call to Action

* Changing “Incredibly Dull Exercise” to “Fascinating Underworld”

* The color of your buy buttons

* The image of your product

and the like.



reveals not only just *why* you want to A/B test, but also HOW you can A/B test.

For the data-inclined, it’s a great exercise to do (for example, check out their hypotheses regarding their testing:

* Our offer was wrong. Maybe our headline or body copy wasn’t conveying the message that our audience wanted to hear.

* The next step was unclear. Maybe people wanted to simply fill out our form instead of clicking through a series of information-gathering pages.

* Our content was in the wrong order. Maybe our audience was getting lost in our page or wanted to see a particular page element as soon as they arrived.

* We had too much content. Maybe all our content distracting or overwhelming to our audience.

* We weren’t evoking the right emotion. Maybe our audience wasn’t resonating with our hero shot or color scheme.

Definitely do check it out!

Teaching yourself A/B testing is something that could be boiled down into 1 simple cheatsheet as well. Steps might be:

Step 1.) Define your goals

Step 2.) Pick the easiest thing to split test first

Step 3.) Make it so!

Resources for the above include:





Your takeaway?

If you’d like to generate more sales or more leads or more anythings…

Take the time to understand how split testing can work for you and then…

Make it happen.


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