🌠The “Mr Rogers” story-telling magical mysteries

Every wake up one morning and think to yourself:

“Jeepers self, whenever I want to fully embrace anything I’m watching or reading on my great big giant teeny tiny mobile phone screen, the constant moving back and forth and this and that get to be soooo annoying…

… I want to switch to decaf coffee!!!”

If so, allow me to offer you the insights of something rather… neighborly friendly indeed (that Mr. Rogers would *totally* approve of)”


Right from the getgo, the article zeros in on a true fact of life:

“We have entered an era where the visual internet is no longer what it used to be.

The once-revolutionary H1, H2, paragraph text, and one single image placed to visualize your story, is now a saturated format. We now want responsive storytelling with full-size photographs, parallax scrolling, and maybe a few data-heavy animations to top it all off.

Not only do we want to be convinced by the words of the stories we are told, but we also want them to be brought to us in the most interactive, exciting ways. Naturally, publishers and brands alike are now experimenting with formats that can engage their audiences.”

And it true, you know?

Nowadays you DO have to do something more to the vast majority of folk, unless you decide to go the top-secret classified courier-font road, in which you the exact opposite of your colleagues.

But I digress, that’s another story entirely!

Back to scrollytelling:

It’s basically a way to keep the reader intrigued by a *combo* of multimedia goodness that compels said reader to want to read *more*.

So how *do* you teach yourself the art of

Well! You could consider a well-written “script” and then search out the info for it, and create to your heart’s content!

Perhaps something like:

Step 1.) Understand what Scrollytelling *really* involves

Step 2.) Pick a good niche topic worthy of Scrollytelling

Step 3.) Make it happen!

Resources that would help could be:







Your takeaway?

Scrollytelling might find a useful place in your bottom line products…

Why not try it today?


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