🌠The Rosetta Stone: When teenagers become king

The Rosetta Stone.

Ever hear of it? It was found in 196 BC (imagine, more than 2100 years ago!) and had the same decree written in not 1, not 2 but 3 different languages (the last one being unknown). It was really cool because the bottom language (Greek) enabled scholars to figure out aspects of the first 2 (Hieroglyphics and Egyptian demotic (the common language).

Nifty! But did you ever wonder just what was written ON the Rosetta stone?

And nope, the content wasn’t poem, or a franchise movie, or the weather report….

It was a decree. One that announced the goodness of a (wait for it) teenage king.

Taxes reduced, amnesty given to prisoners, grain offered to feed those in animal cults, the cult of the new king, that sort of thing.

Written in 3 languages!

Having content that important – definitely a win. Smile But here’s some more fascinating facts – even though it was discovered by the French (and Napoleon created the Institute of Egypt to study it), it ended up with the British (after they defeated Napoleon’s forces at Alexandria in 1801). It took more than 2 decades to figure it out what it actually was all about.

2 decades!

What’s your takeaway?

If you’re going to write, make sure your words last thru the centuries. Smile


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