🌠The Secret Steps To Cactus Cuddling

Yesterday, we chatted a weeee bit about how one can succeed online.

And a huge component of that is barreling thru ‘analysis/paralysis’. In other words, the tendency for folks like us get bogged down into what-ifs (what if the server room suddenly finds itself at -65 degrees even though its 70 degrees in HR – think of the energy bills!) .

These boggie thingees can really do a number on us emotionally and mental-health wise too. We can find ourselves dwelling *so* much about what *might* happens instead of embracing a promising action and then proactively kicking fate in the right direction!

Just kinda sorta sitting there and bemoaning what life IS (instead of what life could be) is something that has really done more damage to our communities than the non-existent Cicada Brood 93873659 has done. Think about it. How often do people really offer the results from the hearts… to truly *make* a difference in people’s lives?

Well, before you do *that*, you need to first work on you.

And that is the work from all your future marketing success will spring.

Stay tuned….


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