🌠The secretive hidden goodness of Rich Snippets for?

Ever wish your website would rank #1 for your chosen keywords?

Nowadays, the chances of that happening by coincidence is roughly as possible as the chances for politicians to keep their campaign promises.

Still, though, there are other ways you can help increase your website visibility online….

… and that’s by the spine-tingling use of ‘rich snippets’.

In a nutshell, https://www.brafton.com/blog/seo/what-are-rich-snippets-and-why-should-i-care-about-them/ lets us know that:

“Rich snippets are the term used for the structured markup data added to the website by webmasters. These snippets help the search engine like Google to understand the content of the webpage better. … In this video tutorial, we have explained what are Google rich snippets and the tools used to optimize them.”

(they also have a video about it all at

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lu0A-GybZ90 )



has this great grand coolio infographic that show you not 1, not 2, alas not 93847389 but 28(!) ways in which Rich Snippets can be used on your website.

We’re talking thingees like

Sponsored features

Local business features

Knowledge features

Media features

Vertical enhancement of organic results (rich results)

Search query features

A very good thing indeed.

And if you’d like other tutorials about Rich Snippets, check out:




Your takeaway?

Adding Rich Snippets can definitely help you increase your website SEO for free….

Why not take advantage of that today?


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