🌠The Supreme Benefits of Facing Fluffy?

Ever have one of those days where you take a great big huge look at the way things are in your marketing life…

… and you decide that it’s time for you to level up?

Lots of things might cause this decision, you know…

It could be that you’ve been spinning your wheels now for several centuries with no success in view.

It could be that you keep buying bright shiny objects and don’t give yourself enough time to put critical steps into action… before your attention is seized by the next new goodie that shows up next week.

Wanna know what else it could be?

It *could* (it really could!) could be that you’re simply afraid to *try*.

And you know something?

That’s perfectly fine!

Fear can be a good thing in measured doses… it allows you to sharpen your senses and proceed cautiously until success is achieved.

Unfortunately, it can also paralyze you and keep you smooshed down for months and years beyond end.

Not a good thing indeed!

Ever wish you could face that fear… and conquer it to boot?

‘course you do! Facing fear can deliver a powerful boost of self-confidence (even if it takes more than a few attempts to achieve your goals)…

But how can one even get to that point?

One simple way is to name your fear and give it shape and form. I personally like calling my particular fears “Fluffy” – Fluffy is a great big dragon who wants to help protect me, but alas also has virtually zero social skills. The only way Fluffy can protect me is to make me so scared… I decide NOT to try.

And honestly, isn’t that what fear really is? It’s something that keeps you safe because you don’t have to face *the unknown*.

Unfortunately, it’s also something that can cause you to stagnate as well. And that’s definitely not good for your bottom line!

It’s generally around this point that someone raises their hand and says, ah, the dragon! You must slay the dragon!

But slaying Fluffy the Fear Dragon would then remove that caution from your life. Allow me to suggest another idea….

Make *friends* with your fears instead.

Envision sitting down with Fluffy in your living room! Offer coffee or Pepsi (never Diet, of course) and then ask Fluffy:

“Okay, why AM I afraid? How CAN I conquer this fear? What IS the worst thing that could happen if I try?”

The worst thing?

You gain experience.

The best thing?

You make money!

Both results are simply grand.

Thus, whenever you feel yourself held in a bearhug by Fluffy (dragon hug?), thank your fears and then tell yourself:

“I will give myself permission to *try*. That is all…. to *try*.”

You see, nobody can face your fears for you… it’s an effort that has to come 140% from inside. And nobody can make you *able* to face those fears… except you as well.

Your takeaway?

Fear keeps you safe.

Giving yourself permission to try… sets you on the path for earning more.

Why not give that a shot today?


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