🌠The Supreme Excitement of Marketing with Coffee?

Ever wish that along with paling around with a DIY Genie, you could ALSO weave in the gloriousness known as coffee to your readers too… to keep them on your site?

Well then!

There most definitely IS a tremendous way to do that!

One is slightly difficult (brand yourself with coffee!) but the other one…

Well, the first criteria is you actually DEAL with coffee.

Like places like Blue Bottle!

Jilt did a great thing with that over at:


And they walk you thru everything you imagine possible wrt the customer *experience* of both landing on their site…

.. and then bestowing money upon them for buying at that site!

‘Tis a useful article indeed… I highly recommend you checking it out and then returning here.

Want other ways to caffeinate your audience?

Check out:




but even if coffee doesn’t quite flap your earlobes, you remove the word Coffee in those posts, substitute in your niche, and yep, the ideas still make sense with thingees like:

* Hone Your eMail List

* Ramp up your Instagram Strategy

* Leverage Interactive content

And more!

Heck you could even create a one page cheatsheet about this like so:

Step 1.) Zero in on your product

Step 2.) Branch out one step to see how said branches can funnel people to your product

Step 3.) Turn it on!

Your takeaway?

There are bunches of ways you can energize your business and you dont even *need* to have coffee it it….

Take advantage of that.


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