🌠Tired of selling ebooks/courses? Try this instead.

Ever wake up one morning and think to yourself:

“Jeeeeepers self, with the state of, well, everything… isn’t there another way to profit online instead?”

If so, yep, there certainly is. It’s one that many folks will call a ‘bootcamp’ or a ‘mastermind’ …

It’s a ‘challenge’.

So what’s so great about a challenge?

Depends upon the students and the goals.

The word itself, ‘challenges’ – it evokes the image of you pitting yourself against something that can be conquered.

What if that something….

… is *you*?

What if a challenge involves you competing against the person you are today…

… so you can evolve into someone “better” tomorrow?


To evolve into a better you tomorrow, there has to be a goal.

Let’s say that you want to write a book, or rank your site, or launch a product…

… and let’s say that you want to get *serious* people who actually will take action to achieve their goals.

Well, then instead of selling a typical “bootcamp” or “workshop”, you sell a “challenge”.

I remember the very first challenge I created, several billion years ago, called ‘Champions Rock’ where people first “had to step into the ring”:

Back then, my goal was to teach *serious* people for free.

But! What about creating a challenge as a *product* instead?

And within that product, you could have video/podcasts/worksheets and the like.

The challenge with a challenge, of course, is having people actually complete it … which is why creating one for profit makes ‘way more sense than offering it for free.

Some things you’ll need are:

* ways to track accountability

* a definable cravable *sellable* challenge that people WANT to tackle AND overcome

* a definitive goal OF the challenge

* and of course, all the materials/workbooks/videos/podcasts/etc. that you can create to ensure any challenge participant is able to succeed (assuming they put in their best effort).

A cool thing about challenges is that you can launch products with them…

… you can build up self-confidence with them….

… you can use them for any entrepreneurial goal!

The key to making a success of them is:

* getting your message out to potential participants (aka customers)

* building up the anticipation

* creating an awesome call to action for them to buy into it

(Think of it like “Product Launch Formula” – it’s another formula to sell a “product/event/dream” that contains multiple moving parts. Remember – your audience doesn’t know what they don’t know… it’s up to you to show them).

Creating and executing challenges would make for a superb cheatsheet/product/tutorial as well!

You could structure it like:

Step 1.) Choose the challenge you want to sell

Step 2.) Structure and create the materials for it

Step 3.) Create the sales page/webinar and make it so!

Resources for the above include:







Your takeaway?

Free challenges are plenty online…

Why not explore some of them and instead of creating a “product”, choose to stand out and sell a challenge instead.



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