🌠What to do when your back falls off?

Ever wake up one morning, take a step away from your bed and then you find yourself becoming one with your bedroom floor (with face prints no less)?

Well then! Life certain sure is character-building when your mental energy is that of Alexander the Great during his conquest times but your body’s idea of exertion is making its way unscathed to the morning kitchen coffee.

And what happens when you actually DO make it to your place of business (or your desktop station)?

Chances are if your mind/body/coffee/regular Pepsi are not one with the Universe, your work will be subpar as well.

But then reality interrupts – everyone’s reality is ‘way different and how we all manage that pain – but that’s for another post.

Today’s topic is your future!

What if, instead of going TO work, you were able to bring your work TO your home?

And I’m not talking about work-from-home… I’m talking about bringing your meetings home, bringing your co-workers home, interacting with them in real time (while at home) and the like.

In other words, I’m talking about what the Metaverse will be able to offer you.

An integration of Virtual Reality and Your Reality… one where you can choose to disconnect and leave by simply signing off.

Intrigued? You should be. Because like it or not, the Metaverse (or Web 3.0) is coming… and ideally, one opportunity it will offer is the ability to work at the office… while working from home.

More soon…


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