🌠You really DO own this… here’s how to fix it.

Ever hear all those self-motivational thingees that say it’s not your fault that you’re fat or depressed or anxious or whatever?

Or what about…

It’s not your fault that you have yet to earn a dollar from your online endeavors to this date?

Well, here’s the thing.

To be honest, that fact is irrelevant.

And while indeed, it might NOT be your fault that you’re fat/depressed/anxious/etc. (ie, your genetic makeup might make it really tough to lose weight or exercise or approach ‘happiness’ from a different angle…

… or that its not your fault that you have yet to build a 6 figure business online…

The plain fact is, nobody *else* can force you to fix whatever is standing between you and your desired goals (personal or business).

In other words…

You really DO own it.

You can have the entire world pulling for you but if you don’t care enough to make those critical changes yourself…

… you’re just going to continue to spiral down into depression/bleakness and all around ickness.

Sorry, but those be the facts.

So how DO you manage to pull yourself up out of the darkness? How DO you manage to actually start seeing success online?

It varies from person to person.

* Some people benefit from anti-depressants/anti-anxiety meds. There should be ZERO shame to taking these – if they help you stabilize your emotions, then more power to you! So do yourself a favor and see a psychiatrist if that is something that you are willing to do (and ignore all the scamsters trying to siphon cash out of your pocket by claiming Big Pharma is out to get you, but our Big Homeopathy is just what you need and only 37 times more expensive!).

* Other people benefit from exercise and meditation. Exercise really IS wonderful… no getting around that! But if you lose the ability to exercise well, you might give up right from the very beginning (you could be too overweight, too caught up in your own misery, etc.etc.etc.). In that case, plus one it – instead of doing 0 for exercise, walk once around your house. Or, do 5 stand-up/sit-downs in your chair. Or, park 50 feet further away from any stores you go to and add those extra 50-odd steps as a way to do just a little bit more.

* Still other people benefit from mental toughness. They *welcome* any challenges that try to crush their life’s spirit down and view them as a martial battle that has only one outcome – they survive! Needless to say, this mindset can be quite difficult to internalize. That’s actually the one I like the most – I always view that any fires I walk thru… I benefit from the results.

And when you treat the inner YOU…

… you can start then to focus on the results said Inner YOU can create… aka, a successful business online!

The main thing is this.

If you find that doing something for YOU is not enough motivation…

That’s okay.

Do it instead for the people you love.

Not only that:

Don’t expect *other* people to solve *your* problems.

It’s okay that you have them and its better than okay when you try to solve them!

But if you sit by your lonesome and expect some kind of shining glorious knight (accompanied by swallows laden with coconuts) to fix the things *you* own…

You’ll never start the see the success you deserve.

Your takeaway?

Take ownership.

Take that ownership *today*.

And start yourself on your own personal journey of self-discovery…. and future success.



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