🌠Zounds Shaggy, it’s the magical mystery marketing tour!

Ever wake up one morning and yearn for a walk down memory lane?

You know, those halcyon days back when Saturday morning cartoons were actually worthwhile to watch…

… and ONLY could be seen on Saturday….

‘Twas a time back when life was just simpler you know (or at least, those who indulge in nostalgia love believing this! Smile ).

Well, nostalgia is quite a lucrative niche in many ways! We’re talking the food of the decades, or the toys (all together now – lawn darts!), or the movies (Destroy All Monsters!) or…

the Internet!

Would you believe the Internet turns 50 years old this year?


has a delightful romp down past the decades, from the glorious era of punch tape (chads!) to BBSes to Itty Bitty Machineries to…

Lots of goodness indeed.

Fact is, creating an online ecom store about nostalgia could be viable as well! One could break it down into:

Step 1.) Decide what decade you want to focus upon

Step 2.) Research the music and food and candy and toys of that era

Step 3.) Find a wholesaler of such goodies (and of course, ensure your store gets in front of your market) and sell!

Resources for the above include:










Your takeaway?

Everyone is growing older…. and as one gets older, one tends to look upon the past with rose tinted glasses.

Why not profit from it?


and for those who remember….


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