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Today’s topic?

 Insane crossroads?


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I’m writing this during the webinar of Wilson Mattos and and Jason Fladlien (the Affiliate Triad offer I had mentioned before).

And I will say – these people are *masterful* and have an insane vision of affiliate marketing for the future.

Tantalizing it is… but it also talks about 2 specific ideas.

One, move affiliate marketing into the premium arena.

Two, create the foundations/short term/long term processes  (Earn first, then come back and learn).

In a nutshell, utterly brilliant.

Which brings me, personally, to a crossroads.

But that’s not important… what’s important is what is important to *you*.

We’ve been now under a quarantine now for several months, businesses as we know are running the risk of going out of business…

How are *you* preparing now for the future?

Do *you* find yourself at a crossroads?

I think this is an extremely unique opportunity to *change* how you’re doing…

To take the chance, expand your comfort boundaries and *grow*.

I’ve already been bashing my head against resisting such challenges.

But I think I now have the *maturity* to internalize:

“I cannot wait for my first failure, because that shows I had the courage to *begin*”.

One resource I’ve discovered about such ideas is Steve Job’s commencement speech at;

I highly suggest you check it out!  I’ve shared it with my kids already….

You simply cannot ignore the wisdom that is shared….

And you’ll hear from me as it happens.

Grow strong,

Barb “Pass on the goodness!” Ling
Authority Marketing Innovator

ps – Be good and gentle to yourself this weekend.  You deserve it!



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