2019 4th of July Goodies

=-=-= 4th of July Tips and Kindnesses =-=-=
Do you celebrate Independence Day here in the United States of America?
If so, keep in mind…. it’s NOT all fun and fireworks for everyone!
Following are some ideas to keep in mind to ensure that all who are exposed to this holiday (and the big booms etc.) stay okay.
Veterans can suffer from PTSD from their military work. Fireworks can sound like battle… and cause major flashbacks as well.
The following resources are useful:
Kids at Fireworks Celebrations:
Don’t forget these tips either:
Have kids wear bright-colored clothing so you can spot them quickly.
Designate a “safe” area if you get separated – ie, that bevy of police cars that guard the entrance.
Go over stranger-danger 1434 times again.
Bring extra dollars to buy the cute little dollar store glow-sticks they love waving around as the evening dawns. ‘matter of fact, go one better, visit your own local dollar store and stock up at much cheaper prices.
Bring books. The celebrations around my area are soooo popular (how popular are they Barbara!) that you have to arrive 5 hours before they start, just to snag a decent viewing area. I generally pack a backpack with books and games.
Be wary of excessive water drinking. It’s heck finding decent toilets at 4th of July fireworks….and the last thing you want is junior telling you in the quiet dulcet tones of a foghorn, Mommy! My peepee is straight because I want to pee!
Have a first aid kit with you. Nothing major, mind you – just bug spray, bandaids in case they bash their knee open from falling off the railing on which they shouldn’t have been climbing on the first place, etc.
Kids and Fireworks Safety:
For whatever unfathomable reason, fireworks are still legal in many places, and firework safety, alas, seem to always become undone with little kid about.
The following resources are useful:
Pets and Loud Booming Noises
Some pets freak out when they hear the loud booming noises (or Santa riding the firetruck up and down and up and down and up and down and up and down and up and down and up and down and up and down and up and down and up and down and up and down and up and down and up and down and up and down and up and down and up and down and 8957 times before Christmas, but I digress).
The following resources are helpful for pets who would prefer to chuck the whole thing overboard:
Kids/Adults who are house-bound
Not everyone can manage to get to their desired fireworks show! And if you’re of the spirit where you’d much prefer to experience the fireworks show live, but for whatever reason, cannot get outside to see, the following resources are useful:
(want more local information? Search for:
state county fireworks
In addition, if you have kids who want to attend fireworks but cannot go, look for 4th of July printables they can color at home:
https://www.the36thavenue.com/4th-of-july-celebration/ (wow, they have a blog hop on that page – cue nostalgia from the 1920s here for me)
Don’t forget 4th of July activities too!
And of course, there’s 4th of July recipes!
Your takeaway?
No matter how/why/what/where/when you have an insane desire to celebrate the 4th of July…
Be courteous to those around you, and SAFETY should be the number one priority for all.

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