Make Money in 2012 Tip #4 – Focus On Your List

2012 will be here in 5 days!

So what are *you* doing about it?

Today is day 2 of Making Money in 2012, and the topic is, focus on your list.

Perhaps I was a wee bit quiet when I just wrote that….let me rephrase the statement.

Focus on your list!

Was that better?  🙂

  • But seriously…it's one of the wisest things you as an online marketer can do.

When you've established your credibility, people will start looking to you for guidance within your niche.  And you can then search out quality resources you can share with your list, and add in quality affiliate links to boot!

So… 2012 you want to….

Focus on your list.

And here's how.

Step 1.)  Make sure you can *build* a list by investing in a paid autoresponder.

Never ever ever be seduced into using a free autoresponder.  Autoresponders are the backbone of your marketing goodness – you want to ensure you get the very best results from them.  And that means…your message, and your message *only*….should be highlighted.

I use aWeber – they offer a months' service for only $1!

Click HERE to learn more.

2.)  Devise an awesome January 1st 2012 gift.

This is going to be the gift you give to everyone who has signed up for your list.

I've already figured this out meself.  It will definitely make a splash in the Internet marketing niche!

3.)  Create a Squeeze page and drive traffic to it.

Since I already have 100s of posts on my blog, I simply created a squeeze page like so.

and that be all!

Done right, you should be able to have increased your list by big huge bunches by the time January 1st, 2012 arrives.

Now, keep in mind that you have to deliver true value and quality to those people *on* your list.

  • Get to know them.
  • Ask them questions.
  • See how you can better serve them.

And your business will increase *beautifully* for 2012.

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling

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