Bullies should be drawn and quartered

No BulliesMorning,

Did you read about the shooting yesterday in Tennessee?  According to the news:

Slain Tennessee student was target of taunts

Police identified the victim as Ryan McDonald, a sophomore who lived with his grandmother and had alopecia, a condition that left him bald since he was 3 and the target of endless teasing as a child.

"He tried to have a tough exterior, like a shield, to fit in," his uncle Roger McDonald said. "He was a good kid … who was dealt some bad cards in life."…MORE….

Yet I’ll guarantee – some namby-pamby pathetic excuse of a scum-sucking law defender will get the shooter off with a minimal amount of time served.  After all, kids will be kids

It’s things like the above that really make me question public schools.

I wonder how many other schools allow bullying to go on?  Unless you’ve been the victim of bullies, you have NO idea how truly devasating such treatment can be, and how it can leave horrifying scars on your own personal development through your most formative years.  And yet, bullying is STILL an ongoing menance to society.

If you have children, it’s your responsibility to be on the alert for bullying with your kids.  Are they being bullied at school?  Are they showing signs OF bullying others?  No matter what, you HAVE to step in and torch the situation YESTERDAY.

Can you tell I have very strong feelings about this?

Need resources for dealing with bullies?  Check out:

Personally, I feel that bullies should be locked in a room with 4 or 5 other bullies who are stronger than him or her, and then let them have their way in abusing the individual.  One when you personally experience how horrendous being a victim can be….do you finally start to understand how utterly disgusting and abhorrant bullies really are.

Anyone who proactively bullies another individual loses their right to decent treatment themselves.  If only bullies were flattened at the first sign of abusing others….I think society in general would be a far better place indeed.

What’s your take?

Barbara Ling

ps – want books on the subject?  Check out:



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