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🌠 How To Boldly Take Control of Your Marketing Future

Ever wake up one morning and see that all of your WP sales pages are redirecting towards malware sites? Ever wake up on said morning and realize that the morning in question is a Sunday morning? Ever wake up on said Sunday morning and realize that the only person who can save your sales page…… Read more

🌠Dramatically useful ideas for additional income?

Ever wish you could wave a magic coffee cup and see multiple income streams join together in raging torrent to defeat the Huns? Or, if not partake in Disney animations, join together so one could have continuous profit streams during the upcoming months? I mean, that’s one of the side benefits that blogging can offer… Read more

🌠Beginning YOUR Journey to 20K/month

Ever wake up one morning and say to yourself: “Jeepers Self… I sure wish I could earn 20K/month at the very least!” Earlier I had written about how “easy” 20K month is… Simply find someone who feels that spending 20K on *you* each month is a value beyond belief! The thing is … To actually… Read more

🌠 Profiting from the same information again and again?

Ever wish you didn’t have to keep creating newer and newer content? Luckily, while data is, well, data… … the way you *view* that data can be reinvented again and again. After all, one could take the data of a blog post… … and repurpose it as: An infographic A downloadable report A video and… Read more

🌠The Rise of the Not Clocking?

Ever wish you could get in on the ground floor of a craze right *before* it goes gains massive media attention? I mean, think about Twitter…. what if you had the foresight to build products/services/etc. about the platform *before* it went viral? You’d enjoy a pretty hefty return, don’t you think? That’s why whenever a… Read more

🌠The Fascinating Underworld of A/B Testing?

Ever wake up one morning and say to yourself: “Jeepers self, what’s an intriguing word to use in a headline?” If so, I know how you feel, underworld and all. But! Regarding A/B testing itself… As you might know, it’s simply testing 2 pages against one another (with the difference being one single variable). That… Read more

🌠10+ Covertly Brilliant Tricks for Sales eMails?

Ever wake up one day and think to yourself: “Jeepers self, I wonder if its possible to send 983748 emails and NOT have a single sale?” Well, if such a thing actually DOES happen to you, you can probably figure out that *something* is wrong. And if something’s wrong, it can be made right! You… Read more

🌠 Unlocking Converting Autoresponder Secrets?

If you’ve been in marketing now for longer than 36 seconds in general, you’ll have heard how important it is to ‘build your list’. And that’s true, actually. The bigger the list you have, the more opportunities you have to reach individuals who would be interested in what you have to offer. Thing is, writing… Read more

🌠Harry Potter and the Boffo Backlinks?

One of the best social signals you can create online these days are links back TO your content… … that have been created because people value that content and want to ensure others can come across it as easily as possible. Well, would you believe there’s not 1, not 2 but 11+ ways of causing… Read more

🌠 The most Awesomest Sales Podcasts in the Known Universe?

It’s been said that one of the best ways to learn is to listen more and talk less. And one of the most effective ways for *that* is to uncover the best podcasts on particular topics… and then ensure they’re loaded onto your phone so you can listen to them anywhere and any place! Now… Read more

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