FREE! Make Shiny Glorious Web 2.0 Download Buttons for eBooks IMMEDIATELY!

6 Figure Download Button


QUICK!  Visit my new welcome page!  Not only will you see the following:

Free Download!

But you’ll also see the following nifty button:


And not only that…but when you move your mouse cursor over it on the active page, it changes color!

Is that not the coolest thing you’ve ever seen in your entire life????

Well alright, I suppose there ARE other coolio things too…but the fact remains, I’m tickled pick as to how nice that button came out.  🙂  And the best thing is…it’s free to do and YOU can have the same thing for YOUR ebook downloads too!

Here’s how.

Step 1.)  Visit CoolText Buttons.

Cool Text Buttons is a free button generator!

Step 2.)  Choose the text you’d like for your ebook download button.

Here’s a link to all the fonts they offer.

Step 3.)  Set the ebook button font size anywhere from 14 to 18px.

If it’s bigger, you’ll have a bigger button.

Step 4.)  Set the ebook button font outline.

Sometimes a medium black line will help your text stand out.

Step 5.) Set your ebook download button shape.

You can choose from:







I like the Rounded or the Pill.

Step 6.)  Set the ebook button colors.

I generally like using a gradient on my download buttons.  You can set Color 1 and Color 2; I use a brighter color on Color 1.

Step 7.)  Choose the eBook Download Button Shadow.

I confess – I love the mirror effect!!

You can choose from:

No shadowNo Shadow

Drop shadowDrop Shadow

Glow ShadowGlow Shadow

MirrorMirror Shadow


We’re almost done!  Next,

Step 8.)  Choose your ebook download button effect.

Here, you can choose from:

Flat EffectFlat





Sharp3D Sharp

Metal3D Metal

Bordered3D Bordered



Step 9.)  Choose your ebook download button MouseOver effect.

Do you want your button to glow or become bright or embossify or …?  Here, the effects you can choose are:







And finally:

Step 10.)  Click RENDER BUTTON!

Once you’re happy with what you have, click RENDOR BUTTON!

The resulting page will offer you both the regular button image, the mouse over button image, PLUS the code you need to include to activate it on your own site.

And THAT’S how you can make great web 2.0 Download buttons for your ebooks. Neat, eh?


Barbara Ling

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