Today’s Make Money Tip – Think Evergreen Niches and Things that NEVER go out of style


Morning all,

I have just realized a very sad fact of life – because I’ve been neglecting my exercise, I’ve gained about 7 pounds back.  Wah!

Happiness this does NOT cause!

So today….I’m going to return to exercising/eating better and the like.  NOTE! 

I’m NOT going on a diet, so to say, because that implies some year I’ll go OFF it and gain all that weight back!

And that reminded me today’s make money tip.  It’s this:

Always put some effort into the evergreen market.

In other words, some of your money-making endeavors should focus on things that NEVER go out to style!

People will ALWAYS be interested in:

  • looking good
  • losing weight
  • getting fit
  • getting sex
  • being confident
  • raising kids
  • taking care of their parents
  • buying a home
  • entertainment
  • gadgets
  • etc.etc.etc.

Thus, you should create a mini-site for these topics that give visitors what they crave – quick answers or solutions to their problems.

For myself, I think I’m going to ensure these sites contain:

  • Optin autoresponder for future marketing
  • links
  • eBay links
  • Quality resource links

I did something similar to this back in 2005 (you can get my entire details about that over at the Rich Hermit series) and methinks…it’s time to consider folding that information back INTO my current operations.

Remember, you can make money from a multitude of resources….ensuring you have some evergreen material out there will definitely help your bottom line.

Here’s some more ideas about evergreen niches:

A great way to monetize evergreen products, of course, is to use Amazon and eBay links.  And if you choose to focus simply on a PRODUCT in and of itself, you can build an entire evergreen site around it as well.

One resource for that is Infoproduct Killer – a product based upon the premise that you do NOT have to create your OWN product to make money online…simply take advantage of the affiliate commissions of other big-name enterprises instead.  If you’re new to the idea of evergreen marketing and site building, definitely check it out – it could save you big huge bleeploads of time.


Barbara LIng

ps – speaking of niches, did you know the following was available?


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