Darth Vader Approved – 10 Critical FREE Facebook Marketing and Personal How-Tos You MUST Read Today

Darth Vader


Whew, so glad I caught you before you were about to make the following mistake!

Confess!  You were about to….to….to…..read this post!


Well, of course, that by ITSELF isn’t a mistake (after all where else can you find the gloriousness that emanates from every thoughtful insight that not only educates but makes you ROTFLAOEVA?  (in other words, rolling on the floor laughing and Other Various Exciting Acronyms)  ?)  but the following….IS.

Have you decided WHAT you’re going to do with this shimmering Facebook Fanpage information?


Seriously!  How often do we (I’m guilt of this too!) visit really superDeUseful pages and then…then…forget about the resources they include?

If you’re like me (ie, you have no life because you’re doing 382 things at the same time), it probably happens alot.  So!  Without any further ado, pop up a NEW browser window and open your own Facebook Fan page, AND open up your feeder in another window.  Don’t worry, take your time, I’ll wait.

While I’m waiting, I’ll amuse myself with Sebastian.  Every woman needs a Sebastian for a pet!

Oh you’re back?  Yay!

Wait a sec, you didn’t LEAVE?  What’s that?  You don’t even yet HAVE a facebook fan page?

Really?  How come?  Is it because of fear?

If so, I certainly understand – it took me MONTHS to get up the drive to actually see how tremendous a Facebook Fan page can really be for my business!

Trust me on the following – you can choose to give yourself permission to make dandy Facebook Fan Pages if you choose to view them as something delightful!

Much like, you’ve heard of Darth Vader’s Imperial March, right?  ie, something like:

Listen to the above.

It’s dark.



And strikes the kind of “you-don’t-mess-with-my-coffee-cup, fool!” sheer terror into your heart.


But now, what if it was played like this:

or this:

Somehow..the fear decreases a wee bit (kinda like politicians appreciate a “wee” bit of contributions funds).


So!  Give yourself permission to consider Facebook Fan Page goodness, and let’s begin!   Over the past few days, I’ve seen some really rockin’ posts out there that simply cry out for sharing.  And they are:

1.)  Facebook Marketing CheatSheet

Great overview of how Facebook ads, Facebook page goodies and more

2.)  How To Create A Facebook Page Reveal Tab

Ever wonder how some fan pages have hidden content that only fans can see?

The above shows how YOU can do it.  Neat!

3.)  How To Change Your Facebook Fan Page Name

This ability is new!  And the above article includes graphics to show you just how to do it too.

4.)  Facebook Ad Algorithm Cracked: The Secrets Behind Successful Facebook Advertisers

Thinking about investing in Facebook ads?  Then you NEED to read this article.  ’nuff said.

5.)  How To Select All Friends in Facebook

This is an EXTREMELY! nifty tip that bypasses the individual picking and choosing if you want to contact all of your friends.  WIN!

6.) How To Find Out If Your Facebook Account Has Been Hacked

This article contains bleeploads of Facebook security and privacy goodies – a definite Must-Read.

7.)  21 Creative Ways To Increase Your Facebook Fanbase

Godlike tips.  Simply godlike.  Read them today!

8.) Facebook 101 for Business: Your Complete Guide

Written by the brilliant @marismith , this comprehensive article takes you on a step-by-step journey on how to position Facebook for your business.  Truly a keeper!

9.)  Ultimate Guide to Facebook Marketing

From SEOMOZ, this guide covers promoting your Facebook Fan pages both internally and externally.  They have a fantastic power tip that involves Facebook clients and gmail – it’s quite the timesaver.

10.)  Get Inspired: 35+ Hand Picked Facebook Fan Page Profile Images

I don’t know about you, but whenever I see something incredibly nifty, the wheels start spinning in me mind and I rapidly brew up 82 fresh pots of coffee and dive right into ’em!

If you’re the same way….you’ll just love the above.  🙂

And those are my hand-picked 10 Critical Free Facebook Marketing and Personal How-Tos You MUST Read….Today.

Want other tools?  I offer some excellent unannounced goodies over at

Facebook Fan Page

and as thanks for checking out that offer, allow me please to extend to you a 25% discount on the final price as well  (This product retails at $17, the link above gives it to you for only $12.49 – good up to Oct 31st!).

Hope you’ve found the above information useful!  Please feel free to share it with your friends – they’ll thank you for it.


Barbara Ling

ps – oh, and why did I mention you should fire up your feedreader?  Simple!  The above 10 articles are derived from some super glorious blogs – if you’re not following them, I highly suggest you do!  Every time you visit one of those lessons, you can take the 3.912 seconds it requires to add it to your reader.  Voila – instant updates in brilliance, which I’m sure you’ll agree with….is a Very Good Thing indeed.

pps – have you ever SEEN Darth Vader’s Facebook?  That and others you can enjoy at:

Admit it – you smiled.  Just a little bit.  🙂

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