2012 Make Money Tip #2 – Become THE Go-To Guy In Your Niche


2012 is fast a'comin!

And that means…

You *need* to have your 2012 business plan in place bigtime.

So today's make money tip is:

Become THE Go-To Guy in *your* niche.

Because when you do that…it becomes second nature for future customers to approach *you*.

And here's how to do it.

Step 1.)  Listen first more than you talk.

You can't showcase your knowledge until you know what questions your future customers want answered.

So….lurk on forums and read updated blogs, and simply *see* what are the current issues your future customers are wrestling with now.

Then move to:

Step 2.)  Find all the answers to your customer's questions.

Believe it or not, it's very easy to uncover answers to anything you can imagine online.

All it requires is that you know how to master Google Search.

There's much more to Google search than simply, you know, searching!

Did you know you could limit your search results to specific domains?  That makes it super easy to uncover official information!

For example, let's say that you're in the dog-training niche, and someone wants to know if Cesar Millan ever mentioned clicker training.

Well, his official site is http://www.cesarsway.com .  So you could search:

site:cesarsway.com clicker

and see his take.

I use this technique all the time when I'm helping out over at the Warrior Forum. W

There's lots of ways to learn Google – check out:

Once you have all the answers, you then:

Step 3.)  Share your knowledge wisely.

There's lots of ways of helping out your customers!  I generally prefer to use the following two venues:

  • My blog
  • Forum participation.

Never come across as arrogant…instead, simply *answer* the question and perhaps close your answer with, Hope that helps!

It's polite, it's simple…and it works.

Remember – you'll make the most money in 2012 when you have the most customers who *listen* to you.

Becoming *the* go-to person in your niche is one grand way to achieve that.

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling

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