The Top 7 Dramatically Appropriate Halloween Costumes For Bloggers and Solopreneurs

Steve Jobs Dolls


On Sunday, it's Halloween!

And instead of doing something that would be (dare I utter the world?) useful for my business (like intelligently finishing up my book on Video Marketing, or bravely configuring the new sparkly self-hosted autoresponder script for my site), instead…I'm compelled to boldly throw common sense to the winds and (I hope you're sitting down for this!) just have fun with me post.

Without any further ado….here is my list of the top 5 tremendously appropriate Halloween costumes you can indulge in for the weekends festivities.


1.) The Anti-Tweet

Tired of the soul-slaughtering addictiveness of Twitter?  If so, dress up as the Anti Tweet by simply draping small birdie cages tastefully across your torso.  When asked, you can remind your fellow happy people that while cage birdies don't sing, EMPTY cages don't make a sound whatsoever.  Long live Tweetlessness!

Dead Twitter Bird NOT included.

2.) 404 Error Page

Wow your fellow partiers with this tasteful yet elegant ensemble!   You can boldly scribe the words "FILE NOT FOUND" across your chest, or better yet, include a "Click HERE" button appropriately placed for added personal interactions.

Additional accessories including the "Blue Screen Of Death" and "Well!  THIS Is Embarrassing" signs or 404 Fedora are not included.

Not recommended for young children or teens.

3.) Flaming Comments

Got problem commenters on your blog?  Take advantage of their brazen stupidity by attaching paper flames (no, I do NOT recommend the real things) to your red body suit, and finish off the impression by including words like "I HATE YOUR IDEAS" and "YOUR BLOG, MY PLAYGROUND!" as well.

Added points are achieved when you add their twitter IDs to your costume as well.

4.) Smoke and Mirrors

Sick and tired of all the outrageous claims through which you must wade in the Internet marketing field?  Tell the world your opinions by draping yourself with bright cheerful mirrors and carrying around a smoke pot (hey, that can be achieved with dry ice to boot!).

Additional accessories including "Your Very Own Cash Pumping $89,384,201 Every 3 Minutes Personalized Super Optin That SHOULD Cost $497 But Is Only $37!" 3-layer Placard NOT included (when a partier lifts the first placard, the second one is revealed which reads "But Because I Like You, It's Only $27 TODAY".  The third layer says "Did I say I like you?  I LOVE YOU!  It's only $4.97 for the NEXT 2 SECONDS!".  Just think – the quality of your product gets demonstrated beyond any possibility of misunderstanding!).  Red ink and yellow backgrounds are extra as is the circus top hat.

5.) Angel Investor Out For Your Immortal Soul

All solopreneurs dream of making it big…sometimes with the help of a caring, loving, gentle, Mr. Miyagi-type angel investor.  But if they don't meticulously do their homework, they might meet up with the below instead!

Knives for back-stabbing are extra.

6.) Steve Jobs Re-Imagined

Steve Jobs.


Apple products.


Who would resist:

Steve Jobs doll accessory extra.

7.) Farmville REEEEEEdeveloper

Love Farmville?  Don't worry, there is hope for you! 

And if you want to deliver your utter love and adoration for the 9,382 Farmville updates you receive every hour on YOUR Facebook page, help them understand your REAL feelings of community by dressing up as What Farmville REALLY Needs.

Anti-Farmville buttons not included.  But admit it, aren't they adorable?  🙂

With that, I hope you have a simply wonderful Halloween with your friends and family!  If you go trick or treating with your kids and would like some helpful safety information, check out:

and if you'd like some more nifty DIY ideas, mosey on over to:

Have a fun and safe Halloween!


Barbara Ling

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