Income Fitness launch going great!

Inspiration MuseHey all,

I’m rather pleased with the Income Fitness launch!!  While I’m getting lots of signups for my controversial report, I’ve been told on several occassions that the sales copy is TOO IM (ie, too long).

Now, I don’t know if that’s inhibiting sales…but I DO know that Income Fitness is applicable to EVERYONE who wants to build a business online (not just marketers etc.)!

So…I’m retooling the sales copy and will see how that works out.  Everything is always a learning process!

In other news, I wrote

Give BACK to Your Affiliates – Covert Angel Time

which includes links back to several reviews like:

 So that’s pretty peachy as well.

What else?  Let’s see….my leg could be ‘leagues better…but then again, hey, it could be far worse.  🙂 

Oh yes, and the forums are wondrous yet again!  I’ve added the ability to start one’s own personal Income Fitness journal (just like weight loss journals) over at

Income Fitness Journals, Shout-Outs and Hat Tips

and you can see:

plus others.

Topic-wise, feast your eyes on:

and that was me day!  Wheee!  🙂


Barbara Ling

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