Why I would NEVER use Kajabi…and why I’m telling MY customers the same thing

If you've ever dipped your toe into the Big Huge Wasteland known as OverHyped Internet Marketing, you've probably heard of the "Stampeding of the Sheeple" (not to be confused with the "Running of the Bull Sh*t") to the Wonders of Kajabi.

In other words, this site here:


Notice!  No affiliate link!  Because unless you're ALREADY wildly successful and can AFFORD this beastie, I do NOT think you should invest in it and I have zero desire to make money off of your mistake. 

And yes, I'll probably be blackballed from other future launches, but so what. 

This whole push just frosts my petunias….bigtime.

Here's my reasons why.

Well, actually, not quite yet – let me explain myself a wee bit more.

First off, Kajabi is basically a sales platform that makes it easier for you to do, well, marketing/sales stuff (autoresponder, squeeze pages, changing files, etc.etc.etc.etc.).

And it looks pretty useful for folks who are ALREADY rich rich rich and can afford the monthly outlay.

But for me, and for the customers who look to me for guidance, my answer is a resounding NO! as to if I would invest in such a system.

And here's why.

If I'm learning how to drive, I'm NOT going to buy a Ferrari…no matter HOW shiny.

If I'm learning how to cook, I'm NOT going to enroll at Iron Chef to learn how to boil water…..without burning it.

And most importantly….

If I'm learning how to make money online, I'm NOT going to spend what I do NOT yet have!

Especially because…

Kajabi is a proprietary sales platform.

Know what this means?

It means that should you decide to STOP using it…all of the effort you put into all of your sites you've built goes byebye.

Not good at all!!

It definitely is NOT for beginners or intermediate folk who are counting their investments.

So, here's some alternatives you can consider.

Step 1.)  Read the following useful threads (and while reading, keep asking yourself – what really IS the problem I'm wrestling with that Kajabi might solve?):

Ready?  Okay, next:

Step 2.)  Answer me Step 1.)


What IS the problem you're trying to solve by considering Kajabi?

Is it that you want to make more money? 

STOP RIGHT THERE!  Kajabi (like, RAP, like JVPRESS, like bunches of other things) is a TOOL.

A TOOL, I say.

Much like a hammer is a tool.

With a hammer, you can build skyscrapers (kinda sorta)….or you can go around bonking yourself in the head.

You will NOT make money with ANY one "tool"…but you will BE ABLE to make money once you decide the process you want to follow (sell your own products?  Promote affiliate products?  CPA?  etc.etc.etc.)…and start putting that into motion.

Sure, Kajabi or RAP or whatever might HELP you there…but it's secondary.  The primary way you make money starts from the process….and goes on from there.

Step 3.)  If you DO want an dashboard for selling products….

If you are looking for a dashboard for pulling together all the requirements for selling online, you can do what I'm doing:

A) Buy a domain.

B) Install Rapid Action Profits on that domain.  It costs $197 (which is a bargain compared to Kajabi's anywhere-from $99-to-$299/month price (AND it gives instant affiliate commissions!).

C) Invest in an autoresponder.  I myself roll my own and use Followup Autoresponder Pro.

Sure, it takes time and effort to hook them all up into a seamless magnificent sales process. 

But I've done it meself!  You can see over at Weekly Expert Sales.  I've done it all – the sales copy, the Paypal integration, the immediate adds to the autoresponders, the customer care followups, the squeeze pages….all.

And you can too!

But if you don't want to get to that level just yet….don't.  Stick with Clickbank or E-Junkie etc. – when the time is right for you to take the next step, you'll know.

Don't let the hype make you spend money that will not benefit you in the long run.



Barbara Ling

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