Make Money in 2012 Tip #3 – Master A Forum

Good morning!

Today is Day #3 in my tutorial for making 2012 the most profitable ever!

So let's begin, shall we?

One of the best ways for making money in 2012 involves…

  • Not your traffic.
  • Not your blog.
  • Not your CPCs.



You want to become known as *the* go-to expert in your niche for 2012!

And that means….

You need to become known at popular niche forums.



Because that way, your name will get to be known.

Folks will start to associate *you* with quality niche information that just plain *works*.

And if you choose to incorporate autoresponders and other ways to build your list into your blogs/Facebook fan pages/etc., you can start increasing your personal reach to the people who count (your future customers).

With that as an introduction, let's begin!

First off, of course, you need to *find* the niche forum you want to dominate.

You can search for niches like so:


Or…do you already focus in IM niches?


If your niche is Internet marketing, you can answer questions at:

Is affiliate marketing more your thing? Check out:

How about SEO?

Adwords more your style?




Once you have a favorite forum, you need to craft a signature that ideally drives people *back* to your money sites (ie, squidoo pages, blog pages, etc.etc.).

Here's mine!

Now, every time I release a new product or do something bizarre, I'll update my signature with the relevant link.

Neat, aye?

Make no mistake about it – participating at forums is a splendid way to increase your visibility to your future customers in 2012!

Take advantage of that today.

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling






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