3 Hellish MindF*cks Rogue Marketers Hope You’ll Believe (and how to destroy them today)

Morning!  It's now 4:03am and I am the epitomy of ill health (all together now, "how sick are you, Barbara?"   "Why there, I'm so far apart from health that the Starship Enterprise would require shore leave to reach it!") .  Joy! 


Oh well, these things happen.  Might as well make it a profitable morning and write my latest!

Which brings me to a topic near and dear to me heart.

That of greed.

And a lack of morality.

And just plain laziness so profound, quick brown foxes would hire the following to do the lolling around for them.

I'm talking, of course, about the mindf*cks rogue marketers hope you'll believe.

It's pathetic, really.  Every single big huge product launch I've seen out there comes complete with boiler plate copy that would make King Midas think he was in the wrong business with his DIY automatic golden touch!

To wit – yesterday I received this UTTERLY INCREDIBLE EMAIL!

homeless kid makes $71,805…

and then this email:

Barbara, $71,805 In 7 Days

"John You have to see this shocking video.

This guy made $71,805 in 7 days.

And it's all down to his new system

Go here for a sneek-peek *now*."

(never realized my name was John of course…)

and then this email:

Barbara, Homeless kid… 20 minutes = $71k in a week

…Best part?

He semi-retired for a couple of months, worked less than
4 hours a week… and you wouldn't believe what happened
next… (It will shock you to your very core)

The product is for Zero Down Traffic.  Basically, it's for newbies who want to learn about Twitter marketing, video marketing, and the like.


Now, I personally have no problems with honest hype in marketing thingees. 

My past 13+ years has indeed shown me that if you state the plain facts (Boxy volvos are safe cars so buy them!), you get far less sales than if you dress them up (You love your family so make sure they're in the safest car around!).

It's a fact of life.  I don't angst over it any more, emotions really do power sales. 

But what really frosts my petunias is the following:….the Pie in the Sky dreams that such products USE to sway your emotions.

I'm not going to link to the site, but I will provide you with interesting mindf*cks that are residing on it….and how you can mentally deal with them today.

1.)  Stupid Promises.

"This underground method is so freaking powerful that it will literally vanish all of your money and traffic problems overnight… and single-handedly eliminate all your financial worries right away!"

If I'm in debt, there is ZERO way ANYTHING (except, perhaps, nuclear devastation), could "literally vanish all of your money and traffic problems overnight."

If I'm looking to make $5 to buy a Starbucks teeny tiny lattee, and try to market via Twitter and the like….I had darned well BETTER have a LANDING site that CONVERTS with my AFFILIATE link in CAPITAL letters.

Well okay, don't need the capital letters….but the point still does remain.  Sure you CAN make money via affiliate links on Twitter….but it requires far more than, well, Tweeting them.

Solution – read with your brain, not with your heart, when something REALLY inane is promised.

2.)  Stupider Promises.

Imagine this…

In just 20 minutes from now, you've got everything setup, and primed for massive profits.

Whether you want to make $100 a day… $500 a day… $1,000 a day… $3,000 a day… or more… It doesn't matter.

Now, you've got in your hands a shockingly simple method that will spit out piles of pure profit for YOU anytime you want… as often as you want… and there's no limit to how much you can be making.

It.  Doesn't.  Matter.

Suuuuuure.  If you're a newbie online and you do NOT have a list and you do NOT have the reach and you do NOT have the expert status, allow me to gift you with a clue – it doesn't matter how many rogue marketers out there scream they have the answer to your woes.

Like gravity, your present reality will NOT go away no matter how many people try to lie to you.

Solution – teach yourself to recognize when something is too good to be true…and have the warning bells kick in.

3.)  "SOME money is better than NO money, so I'll lie."

When you get to the website, you'll see:

Only X available….order for a Discounted Price of ONLY $37.

Regular Price $197, Today $37.

I've got news for you.   Because the products are digital, the "original" price can be slanted to any insanity (ie, only $197).  It's just a number pulled out of the air – I'll guarantee you that the product NEVER sold EVER for $197.

But when you leave the site, you get that adorable popup:


             CLICK CANCEL NOW!

or perhaps this popup:


             CLICK CANCEL NOW!
             *LIMITED TIME ONLY*

You're then presented with a big bleeping arrow like so:

Gosh, doesn't that get annoying?  But it points to a place where you can get a "FREE" video.

Know why?

Once you've submitted your email address, you're then on the vendors list….ready for some delightful followup marketing.

Honestly, from a marketer's point of view, it's a smart thing to do – after all, you're not buying NOW, so getting you on the followup list makes a lot of sense (for them).  And if you'd like to learn about marketing, it might be worthwhile to optin and see what happens!

As I just did.

What happens is that yes indeed, you do see the video. 

Right above the big huge ADD TO CART! today button. 

But remember one key fact here.

If you DO get to this point, you've already encountered points 1 and 2 (stupid, lying copy). 

You want to give yourself permission for your defenses to still stay strong…and not be swayed by whatever the "free" video shows.

Solution: If you're still dying to throw away your money, research what others are saying in legit forums.  An educated consumer is really the BEST customer.

In closing…

Remember, rogue marketers have a hidden agenda to get you to part with as much money as possible.  It's what they do.

Your role as a smart consumer is to always smash the mirrors and blow away the smoke and NOT blindly follow the marketing copy….always look at things with a healthy skeptical eye at all times.  My article, Why some online marketers hide the truth from you and what you can do about it, will give you some additional ideas.

How do you react when you encounter lying copy?  It's often something most interesting to analyze.


Barbara Ling


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